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The number of rental items may be limited, so we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.
Of course, even on the day of your stay, you can accept it at the front desk.

Lighting & Fire

Illumination ・Fire

Lantern (gasoline)

JPY 1,200
It is an outdoor lamp for outdoor use.
A must-have for outdoor production at night!

Lantern (LED)

800 yen

Bonfire pit

JPY 700
A must for Dutch oven cooking!
It can also be used as a bonfire.

Charcoal Starter

JPY 400
This makes it easy to fire up! (about 20 minutes)
You don't have to patter.

AC Power Extension Cord

JPY 300
Up to 15A can be used with 3 mouths.

Cooking Tools

Cooking Goods

Dutch Oven

10 inches: 900 yen (for 3~4 people. Suitable for curry, etc.)
12 inches: 1,000 yen (for 5~6 people. Whole chickens are also included)
Accessories: Stand, Lifter, Inner Net


JPY 700
10 inches.
Even if you put ingredients, the temperature does not drop easily, and there is little temperature unevenness, so
Even beginners can contain the deliciousness at high temperatures and cook slowly over low heat.

Grill net & griddle set

JPY 800
If you want to enjoy BBQ and yakisoba noodles, click here!

* If you do not need to exchange for consecutive nights, you can use it for one night.

iron plate

JPY 500
A must-have item for yakisoba noodles!

* If you do not need to exchange for consecutive nights, you can use it for one night.

Grill mesh

JPY 500
A net that was the size of a BBQ grill equipped with cottages.
For grilling.

Two-burner (gas)

JPY 1,700
Gas type two-burner! The thermal power is inferior to the gasoline type, but it is easy and easy! Recommended for beginners.

Two-burner stove (with fuel)

JPY 1,700
White gasoline fuel. Coleman's burner stove.

Pot set

JPY 1,000
Large pots, small pots, pans

Dish set

JPY 700
Platter, cup, salad bowl (4 each)

Cutlery Set (for 4 people)

Until March 2019: 400 yen
It is a set of fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks.

rice cooker

No. 5 800 yen, No. 10 1,000 yen
Rice cooker
5 gou, 10 go, according to the amount.

Rice Cooker

JPY 500
A special pot for cooking rice.
There is a scale, so you can also see the amount of water.


400 yen

Poly tank

400 yen


500 yen



Shruff (sleeping bag)

JPY 700
Very popular with children!
If you are staying at the cottage, please


JPY 500
A good mat to lay in a tent, etc.


JPY 700
Folding cot.
It can be used in a tent.
Also for constellation observation.


500 yen


150 yen


JPY 150
The bath on the second floor of the guest house is provided.

Tents, tables, chairs, etc.


Dome Tent

JPY 4,000
Dome-shaped tent for 4 people.


JPY 2,000
Rain protection & sunshade sheet.
2-pole hexatype

Outdoor Table

JPY 700
Outdoor folding table

Director's Chair

500 yen

Ground Sheet

JPY 500
Place it under the tent to protect it from rain, condensation and dirt.




350 yen

Reservation of rental items

Online booking

Please select the desired item from “Reservation of Optional Items” at the time of booking.
If you have already booked your accommodation, you can log in to My Page and add options in “Change booking”.

Sale item

Products of Sale

This product can be purchased at the guesthouse. (The ones listed below are just a few examples.)

  • Charcoal and firewood are available to keep them out of stock, but please note that other items may be out of stock.
  • We do not sell cigarettes.
  • The following are just a few examples:

Examples of products for sale

  • charcoal
  • Ignition agent (charcoal briquette)
  • firewood
  • White Gasoline
  • Gas cartridges
  • Cassette gas (for tabletop stoves)
Outdoor equipment
  • Work gloves
  • Chakkaman
  • Nordic miscellaneous goods
  • Tableware
  • Other accessories
Cooking-related article
  • Disposable chopsticks
  • Wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • Salad oil
  • salt
  • Soy sauce
  • ketchup
  • kitchen knife
  • chopping board
  • Nabashi
  • ladles, etc.
  • Dry cell
  • towel
  • Dish detergent
  • Champlins set
  • soap
  • Toothpaste set
  • can opener
  • Wine Opener
  • Insect repellent
  • Mosquito coils, etc.
  • Various soft drinks (500ml plastic bottles)
  • ice cream
  • coffee
  • Alcohol (beer, wine, Japan liquor), etc.
  • Frozen foods (additive-free sausage, bacon, smoked chicken), etc.
  • Nature Accessories
  • PICA original goods
  • Souvenir sweets such as caramel and cookies
  • Toys
  • Natural wooden goods and candles, organic foods, nature-friendly soaps, fair trade products, etc.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

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