First camp tent night edition

Let's Start Camping with PICA Resort

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The real thrill of staying in a tent

Speaking of camping, I still want to stay in a tent! There should be many such people.
An extraordinary space where you can feel nature right next to you is unique to camping.
You can easily stay alone and enjoy yourself slowly.
A family of four sleeps in the shape of a river ... That exciting feeling should be the same even as an adult.
If you go camping, please try to stay in a tent.

What do I need to bring to stay in a tent?

The tools and belongings required for a general tent stay are like this. Please help us in preparation.


Pegs and hammers
* Please bring something more suitable for the condition of the ground at the tent site.
sleeping bag
Sleeping bag mat
Outdoor chair
Outdoor table
Lights such as lanterns
Flashlight / headlamp

Cooking tools

Burner (BBQ grill)
Cooler box
・ Pots, frying pans, etc.
・ Cutting board, kitchen knife, peeler, etc.
・ Tongs, ladles, chopsticks, etc.
Tableware / cutlery
Water jug
Dishwashing liquid / sponge
Vinyl bag (for garbage)
Cloth or kitchen paper
Ingredients / seasonings


Winter clothes (even in summer)
Long sleeves and pants
Relax wear (when sleeping)

It's fun! Convenient!

Bonfire tool
(Bonfire, gloves, clothespins, firewood, ignition agents, matches and chakkaman)
Pot or coffee set
Playing cards and books * Things to enjoy in the rain
Ornaments to decorate your tent

Let's utilize rental items!

Empty-handed camping set: All the basic items such as tents and tarps are available, so go out empty-handed and camp empty-handed! Can be realized.
Two-burner stove: Two-burner stove for outdoor use. If you find it a little troublesome to set fire from the morning, please use this.
Lantern (gasoline): Speaking of camping, after all lanterns! The night spent in the soft light is exceptional.
Plates, cutlery sets: Non-disposable items such as paper plates and splits!

Rental items that can be rented at PICA resort (example): * Please check the website of each business site for details.

Empty-handed camping set

Convenient rental item with tent and tarp set

Two burner stove

Lantern (gasoline)

Plate, cutlery set

I want to be careful! Tent area rules and manners

It's a fun tent night, but be sure to follow good etiquette so that not only you but the people around you can enjoy it comfortably!

It is NG to cross the parcels of other users

Tent and car in parcel

Let's spend the night and early morning quietly

Let's use the cooking ridge cleanly

Don't forget to return to the status quo

Let's say hello to the neighbors


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