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Let's Start Camping with PICA Resort

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Start camp at PICA Resort!

What we offer is a place where people and people and nature come into contact.
In nature, there are insects that are indigenous people, and it rains and snows, so it does not go as we humans think.
PICA Resort strives every day to make it as easy for you to go camping, but no matter how much you improve your service in the future, it does not mean that you do not need any preparation. Every customer needs to be prepared and prepared to face nature.

And I want you to enjoy including the preparation! I think so.
If you check the weather and forecast the rain, prepare your favorite boots and raincoat, prepare a special drink that warms up in front of the bonfire on a cold night, and facing the nature at that time is the real pleasure of camping, and from there you can "touch nature".
We will help you as much as possible. Please come and enjoy "spending time with nature" with the greatest joy.

Who are you going with? Where do you want to stay? Let's make a plan!

Let's decide where to stay by who to go with!

I want to enjoy camping! But who are you going with?
Pica Resort offers a choice of campsites to suit a variety of usage scenes, from one person to a large number of camps.
Let's consider variously where to stay!
There are also a variety of accommodations within the same campsite.
PICA Resort offers the following facilities for your stay.

Tent site

A facility where you can put your own tents in the section. There are various types of sites, such as types where AC power is in partitions, and free sites where partitions are not separated. Pica Resort rents tents and "empty-handed camping sets" and is available to guests who do not have tents.

Permanent tent (set-up tent)

A facility with a tent on the wooden deck in advance. It is recommended for customers who try to stay in a tent for the first time with children.

Cottages and 880

Facilities that can use one building.
From simple cottages to villa-like cottages with baths, toilets and kitchens, we offer a wide range of cottages.


A facility where you can stay in a camping trailer equipped with a kitchen, toilet, etc.
Both children and adults can enjoy the extraordinary.

Tent Villa

A luxurious, spacious tent with beds and mattresses.
This special accommodation is a special place to relax with couples and small groups.

Choose by access location!

Pica Resort offers a wide variety of accommodation options. In summer, you can enjoy a summer resort camp in a cool place, try activities near the lake, or spend some time in the forest, × you can choose for location.
For your first camp, it is also recommended to choose a place that is as accessible from home as possible.

Let's make a reservation.

Let's make a reservation for accommodation!

Pica Resort reservations can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in real time, from a PC or smartphone.
The reception period is from midnight on the same day to the morning of the day, 3 months before the date of use.
* Pica members "Bronze Members" and above have priority reservation benefits. Please refer to it by all means.

PICA Easy Reservation (Online Reservation)

* On days when popularity is concentrated, such as Golden Week and summer vacation, we recommend that you make an early reservation by making an online reservation!

For groups with more than 6 buildings (parcels) once (one night), we will treat it as a group use and our professional staff will respond.

You can also book rental items and ingredients!

Rentals and optional ingredients can also be booked online. (Ingredients reservations must be made up to 4 days before the date of use.)
You can apply at the same time as your accommodation reservation, or you can add or change it along the way.

About cancellation

【Cancellation fee for accommodation reservations】

Contact date

cancellation charge

8 days before use date


7-4 days before the date of use


3 days before to the day before use


On the day of use


【Cancellation fee for food reservation】

Contact date

cancellation charge

Until the day before the date of use


On the day of use


No contact


* Counting does not include the day of use. For example, the cancellation fee for reservations made on August 15th will start from August 8th. In other words, no cancellation fees or charges will be incurred until August 7.


Easy online reservation

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!