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Let's enjoy cottage night plus alpha!

A cottage night is recommended for the first camper. But just by staying
Because I stay at a cottage at a campsite, not at a hotel,
I want to enjoy playing and spending time outdoors.

For example, decorate your deck, bring your favorite tablecloths, light a candle...the possibilities are endless!

What items do you need to stay at the cottage?

The tools and belongings necessary for a common cottage night are like this. Please help us in preparation.
*Some facilities may not be allowed to bring in. Please be careful.


Lights such as lanterns

Cooking tools

*Let's prepare before checking the provided cottage
Cooler box
・Pot, frying pan, etc.
・Chopping board, kitchen knife, peeler, etc.
・Tongs, ladle, chopsticks, etc.
Water jug
Dish detergent/sponge
Plastic bag (for garbage)
Work gloves
Cloth and kitchen paper


Winter clothes (even in summer)
Long sleeves and pants
Relax wear (when sleeping)

It's fun! Convenient!

Pot and coffee set
Playing cards and books * Things to enjoy in the rain
Ornaments that decorate tables and decks

Let's put all our strength into outdoor cooking

Why don't you focus on outdoor cooking when staying at the cottage? Try adding more salad to the BBQ that grills meat, try adding dishes such as skillet and Dutch oven using outdoor cooking equipment...

By all means, please try the new dishes together while referring to the outdoor cooking edition.

After all, it's time to camp the fire!

"Bonfire" is something that customers who come to our first camp should enjoy it. Relax in front of the fire, regardless of the season, and have a different conversation
Enjoy sake and hot drinks...
Whether you are a man or a woman, you will be able to spend the time unique to camping where you can enjoy the mysterious "luxury".

[Tools required for bonfire]
Bonfire (rental locally) Firewood and ignition agent (sold locally) Fire scissors Gloves for bonfire (recommended leather) Match (chuckaman is OK)
*Bonfires may be prohibited due to the characteristics of the facility.

Actively participate in events and activities!

Events and activities will be held at each campsite, depending on the season.
Event information may be released immediately before, so please check the website frequently.


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