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PICA Fuji Xi Lake

December 25, 2022

The season is winter.
If you want to describe winter in West Lake with color, it is "white"

Born and raised in a snow-free area, winters here are still fresh.

While claiming to be the director of the PICA Solo Camp Department,
He made his snow camp debut last winter.

We selected camping gear for spending a snowy night more carefully than usual,
Removed his favorite highball set from the camp squad and used the shochu hot water set as the starting line-up "Fuyukai"

The hot water while watching the falling snow was exceptionally good.

As the seasons change, so does the scenery.
Camping, tension, and fun change.
It's obvious, but I personally think that winter camp is where you can feel it strongly.

Let's go. Let's camp again this winter.

PICA Solo Camp Department Manager Shoji

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PICA Fuji Xi Lake