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MTB rental course "PICA MTB PARK"

This course is exclusively for rental MTB (mountain bike) at PICA Fuji Saiko.
There are two types of courses. There is a "Park Course" for beginners and intermediates and a "Single Track" for advanced players.
Choose a course according to your level.

* Currently, "Single Track" for class users cannot be used due to trailer cottage area construction.

MTB Bike Rental Rates

1 hour

1,000 yen

2 hours

1,700 yen

4 hours

2,500 yen

Types of rental MTBs (13 units in total)

L size (170cm~)

2 cars

M size(150~170cm)

3 units

S size(140~150cm)

4 units

Kids (120~130cm)

4 units

For beginners and intermediates -Park Course-

The first half is a technical section. In the second half, we were set to speed up.
Ideal for beginner and intermediate practice.

For beginners -Singletrack-

A narrow forest course like a beast road.
The final ascent is for advanced riders who are blocked by rocks and difficult to clear.

* Currently, "Single Track" for class users cannot be used due to trailer cottage area construction.

  • Use is limited to rental MTBs (carry-on MTBs are not available)
  • Please fully understand the following usage methods and use it safely.
How to use
  • The course is a one-way street.
  • Use is at your own discretion, and if you get on the bike and determine that you cannot pass it, be sure to get off the bicycle and push the bicycle to pass. * For junior high school students and younger, parents shall make decisions and give instructions.
  • Driving is prohibited off the course. Do not go outside the course.
  • The course is a bicycle course. * In principle, entry on foot is prohibited except in emergencies.
  • Competition and parallel running are prohibited.
  • When entering the course from the entrance, please stop and check for bicycles coming around before entering the course. * Priority is given to bicycles during laps.
  • Use of the course is at your own risk. This facility does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for accidents and injuries. Please note.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

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