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There are bass fishing (rental lure rod set) and fishing / only fishing pond.

Saiko Nature Fishing

Bass fishing (rental lure rod set)

Fuji Five Lakes, a mecca for bass fishing. Let's cast a lure from the land and catch a 50 cm oversized big black bass that hides in the rocks of West Lake!

* Image image (It is different from the actual rental items)

set content

Rod, reel (with line), lure (1 piece), fishing ticket
* One lure included. If lost due to rooting, please purchase the second and subsequent items at the store.


Adults (high school students and above): 2,100 yen
Female, junior high school student: 1,750 yen
Elementary school students and younger: 1,400 yen

Usage time

3 hours from the time of reception
* Reception 7:00 (start) -15: 00 (final), 18:00 (rental end)
* Reception is on a first-come, first-served basis at the guesthouse front

  • You can bring your own lure. (However, worms are prohibited)
  • Don't take out caught fish. (Thorough catch & release, penalties for violations.)
  • Parents must be accompanied by junior high school students and younger.
  • Fishing in the fishing pond is prohibited. (The lure set is for Saiko only)
  • Please pay attention to the surroundings before casting. (Please wear a hat and sunglasses to prevent injury)
  • The rental ends at 18:00. Please return it.
  • The admission ticket included in the price is for black bass, hellebuna, and small fish (separate admission ticket is required for Himemasu, Smelt and Sakura trout)
  • 1月、2月は「禁漁期間」となりますのでご利用いただけません。

Pound Lure Fishing

Pound lure fishing

Let's enjoy fishing lure fishing!
You can enjoy fishing lures only in the morning.
Enjoy Lure-fishing !!

How to enjoy other than bait fishing!
Dedicated lot sets and lures, an unusual fishing digging experience.
The release is OK, and you can enjoy the POND lure fishing camping even before you check out.


All year (excluding regular holidays and maintenance holidays)
* During the GW period, from July to September, only bait fishing will be used.

Reception time

Held 4 times daily during the event
① 7: 30-8: 30
② 9: 00-10: 00
③ 10: 30-11: 30
④ 12: 00-13: 00
* 1 hour each time
* The lure fishing will end at 13:00, and the normal bait fishing will be open from 13:00 until sunset.


1 set ¥ 2000 (1 set each for reel, lot, lure x 2, releaser)


6 people (each time)
※ If you are busy, you may have to wait.


・ Reception will start 10 minutes before the start time. (First come, first served)
・ We do not accept advance reservations, so please apply at the front desk on the day.

Manners / Notes
  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • You will be given a user manual at the time of reception, and please make sure to check this before using it.
  • You cannot use carry-on rods or lures.
  • Be sure to use the rental lots and rental lures.
  • When it is the end time, return the lot to the front.
  • If there is a free space next time, you can extend it. In that case, you must come to the front desk and make the payment first.
  • Casting should be done after carefully checking the safety of the rear.
  • Also, when passing behind a fisherman, make sure to make a voice and then pass.
  • Be careful about your surroundings to avoid crossing lines.
  • In the unlikely event of an accident or trouble with a third party, take responsibility for your own responsibility.
  • Avoid exposing your skin, wear a hat and sunglass, and be careful to avoid injuries.
About catch & release

The fish you catch can be released or eaten.

< About eating and taking out >

  • It will be 4 animals. Please protect the limit.
  • From the 5th dog, you can take it home with an additional charge of 250 yen for each one.
  • If you want to take it home, please prepare the cooler box etc. yourself.
  • If you want to enjoy it, you have to cook it yourself.
  • You can use the common kitchen for preparation.

<About release>

  • If you don't keep the fish, please release it in the right way.
  • Proper release can increase the rate of fish recovery.
  • If you touch the fish with your bare hands or if you touch it on the ground, the fish will be burnt and you will die.
  • When releasing, use the releaser that is necessary to touch the fish directly.
  • If you are tired from exchanging more than necessary, wait for the fish to recover before releasing it.
About damage or loss during rental

If you damage or lose the rental lot, reel, etc. while using this product, please note that you may be charged the following charges.

<About compensation amount for damage or loss>

Rod exchange by line trawl

50 yen each time (as line exchange fee)

Addition when lost lure

One 100 yen

Damaged / lost reel / lot

1,000 yen each

Pond Fishing

Dedicated for fishing / fishing pond

The first fishing experience is pond fishing and rainbow trout fishing!
The rod and feeding are all set, so even small children can easily enjoy it.
The fish you catch can be enjoyed deliciously with BBQ such as salt grill or foil grill, and Dutch oven with salt pot or herb grill.
There is no time limit, and up to 4 fish can be caught in one set.

* Image image (It is different from the actual rental items)


One set with rod and bait 1,700 yen
* If you catch 5 or more fish, 250 yen will be added per fish.

Reception time

From 8:00 until sunset


  • You cannot use the carry-in rod.
  • The fish you catch cannot be returned to the pond.
  • Parents must be accompanied by junior high school students and younger.
  • Please pay attention to the surroundings when fishing.
  • The fish you catch will be cooked by yourself.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

PICA Fuji Xi Lake