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West Lake Canoe Program

About reservations

Reservations can be made one month before the implementation month. (e.g. reservations on June 5 are accepted from May 1)
※2024年度GW期間の販売は4月1日 9:00~予約開始となります。
* Reservations are also possible for non-guests. (Morning canoeing is for hotel guests only)

Regular Programs

Canoe tours depart early in the morning and afternoon, as well as tours for beginners.

Limited-time programs

It is a limited-time program where you can experience assembly kayaks and SUP (stand-up paddleboards).

Special Programs

It is a special program, such as a private canoe tour.

Regular Programs

◆ Morning canoe tour ◆

Morning departure 7:30, experience tour. A professional instructor will support you. Morning Canoe paddles out to West Lake where the morning tranquility spreads. With the support of your instructor, even beginners can enjoy it safely. The next morning, the time is about 1 hour. Drift slowly ...

◆ The first canoe tour ◆

Lessons for beginners. Float on the lake on your first tour and paddle off the coast where Mt. Fuji is visible! You can rest assured that you will have the help of a guide. Of course, the second and third participations are OK.

Limited-time programs


In the 1960s, sup (stand-up paddleboard) was called "beach boy style" for its style of paddling on a surfboard in Waikiki, Hawaii.
If it's the quiet surface of West Lake, you can stand on a board in a short amount of time and there's no limit to how you ride it.
Learn how to ride and row in a step-by-step way, and then start!
"West Lake Beach Boy Style" is from you ...

Special Programs

Private Tour "Sunset Canoe"

Depart for sunset
An expert guide will assist you.

Sunset Canoe, where the beautiful sunset spreads out in West Lake
With solid support, even beginners can enjoy it safely.

Because it is a private tour, the scenery and fulfillment that can be seen
Cruising slowly, slow West Lake
That's Sunset Canoe

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

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