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July 12, 2021

Mandatory burners and lanterns in the camp
There are many camping gears that use white gasoline as fuel.

This time I summarized white gasoline, so please get out with us 🔥

I think that there are many people who have an image that seems to be difficult compared to gas etc. when you hear white gasoline.
Actually, so did I、、。

However, once you learn how to use it, it is easy to handle and the camp level will also be improved!

Typical camping gear using white gasoline as fuel
413H Powerhouse Two-Burner Stove (*Photo, left)
286A One-Mantle Lantern (Photo, right)
And so on.

Knowledge of white gasoline is essential to mastering these gears.

I summarized the features of white gasoline.

◆What is white gasoline?
⇒ white gasoline is a light, additive-free, color-free gasoline produced in the process of refining crude oil.

◆Advantages of using white
⇒ can obtain stable firepower even in cold places. (Outside temperature -20°C is fine)
The life of the instrument body is long. (The structure of the combustion apparatus is simple and can be maintained by yourself)
The price is cheaper than gas (surprisingly expensive fuel costs, it is helpful)

◆Points to note when using white gasoline
Compared to ⇒ gas appliances, pumping is necessary before ignition.
Cannot be used indoors.
Be careful, especially if you have children, because you get a fever.

I also often use white gasoline in camps,
Brightness, thermal power, etc. not found in batteries and gases
I think that a little trouble is good of white gasoline!

What is white gasoline this time? Therefore
I explained the features and the merits at the time of use,

Look, touch, use the gear! Therefore
Next time, I would like to explain how to use [413H Powerhouse Two Burner Stove] on my blog,
Stay tuned for the blog update!

So, then. 👏


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