Sea Pool

A saltwater resort pool built by the sea




[Ask customers about measures against infectious diseases such as admission restrictions]

Please note that the following passengers are not allowed to enter.

  • Customers with fever above 37.5°C, fatigue or difficulty breathing (dyspnea) and passengers with cold symptoms such as sore throats and coughs
  • Passengers who have traveled to countries, regions, etc. that require restrictions on entry by the government and observation periods after entry within the past 14 days, and close contact with the residents
  • Customers who do not cooperate with temperature inspection
  • Customers with potential for infection, such as people infected with the new coronavirus or those with close contact
  • Please be sure to wear a mask when entering. Those who do not wear a mask are not allowed to enter.
    * Children under 2 years old do not need to wear a mask.

Restrictions on admission to avoid congestion

  • If the company determines that the venue is dense (three dense), we will restrict entry.
Usage fee

大 人(中学生以上):2,300円
小 人(3歳~小学生):1,350円


Business period

2022年シーズン:7月16日(土)~ 8月31日(水)

business hours





Prohibited matter

  • Use of drunken people
  • Wearing metal ornaments: wearing accessories, including watches.
  • Tattooed: Includes one point. However, it is excluded when it can be hidden by rash guard or taping.
  • Use of drones and cameras in water
  • Eating and drinking in the changing room
  • Installation of tents and parasols
  • Smoking outside smoking areas
  • Bringing in glass products such as bottles
  • Bringing in pets

About floating equipment

  • Foot case type: If the seat is pants type and the parent is accompanied, it is possible.
  • Large float type: Killer whales, dolphins, bed types, etc. are prohibited.
  • Solid materials: Bodyboards and surfboards are prohibited.
  • Balls: The use of hard balls is prohibited.
  • Water gun: Pump type that forcibly increases water force is prohibited.

About swimming

  • Wearing glasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses is prohibited. (except poolside)
  • Glass underwater glasses and mask-shaped underwater glasses are prohibited.
  • snorkel
  • Use of foot hille
  • Swimming in T-shirts and underwear
  • Act of jumping and throwing


Learn more about this sea pool.

A great ticket that includes a round-trip boarding ticket and an admission ticket

Pool set ticket

(Round-trip boarding ticket + R-Asia admission ticket + sea pool use ticket)

Normal rate

Discounted rates

grown up

4,840 yen

4,400 yen


2,620 yen

2,200 yen

※ It will be sold only at Atami Port
* Preschoolers are sold free of charge, so elementary school students and older can sell.
*Includes Asian Garden R-Asia admission fee.
* After purchase, refunds will not be given even if you do not use it. Please understand in advance.

PICA point member system

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