Sea spring bath "Shima no Yu"

Soak in hot water and melt into the ocean. The moment when your mind and body grow.

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An open-air bath on the edge of the coastline, which was made possible because it is an island, where you can feel the roundness of the sea while soaking in the bathtub.
Hot water is made by boiling well water pumped from 40m underground on the coast, and while seawater slowly permeates the island, a large amount of minerals (sodium / magnesium / potassium / calcium, etc.) above seawater dissolves.

Bathing fee

grown up (Junior high school students and above): 900 yen
Little people (3 years old to elementary school students): 600 yen

* Asian Garden R-Asia admission fee is not included.
* Customers with tattoos and tattoos (including one point) are not allowed to take a bath.

* Face towel sale: 400 yen per sheet
* Bath towel rental: 300 yen per sheet

business hours

10: 00-21: 00 (varies depending on the season)

Regular holiday

Thursday (except year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, summer vacation)


Indoor bath + open-air bath (1 each for men and women), dressing room, locker

A great ticket that includes a round-trip boarding ticket and an admission ticket

Hot bath set ticket

(Round-trip boarding ticket + R-Asia entrance ticket + Shimanoyu entrance ticket)

Normal rate

Discounted rates

grown up





2,000 yen

Effect of sea spring bath

Promotion of metabolism

It is said that abundant minerals permeate through the skin due to high osmotic pressure, activate cells and promote metabolism.

Discharge of waste products

The osmotic pressure of minerals also has the effect of expelling waste products from the body.

Arrange the autonomic nerves

Magnesium, which is abundant in seawater, has the effect of adjusting the autonomic nerves.

Shima no Yu morning face and night face

Shima-no-Yu Morning Face and Night Face The morning and night Shima-no-Yu look different.
In the morning, the morning sun rises from the sea in front of the island's hot springs.
At night, you can see the path of light that the moon creates in the sea under the starry sky.

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