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PICA Hatsushima

February 28, 2024

Covered in lemon


Hatsushima Lemon Festival

It is being held to rave reviews

In the Asian Garden,

Lots of lemon-colored objects


I'm glad the leaves don't fall off

This is


Frankie Sihi's art drawn with customers

Lemon Paradise
- Lemon Paradise


That's a guy

Continuing on

Stairs to the sky

Its name is "Lemon"

The blue sky and yellow are beautiful

Also here

Lemon sliced wall

Yep, it's fresh!

It's also a nice touch for the background of the shoot

On such a first island

Also on the lemon tree in the hall

It's starting to bear fruit

For a limited time only

Lemon plans are also available

In addition to dinner and breakfast

Includes lunch ticket for Asian food and drinks (1 dish each)

It's a good deal

Spring is already coming

We are waiting for you on the warm Hatsushima


I want to be covered in lemon for fried chicken!

Deep-fried food


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