Mount Fuji private site with power supply

(Capacity 8 people, 2 sites)

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A spacious power-powered tent site for only two sets at the second station of Mt. Fuji
Surrounded by fantastic trees, you can feel the great nature of Mt. Fuji

Number of sites

2 sites


8 people (cannot accommodate more than capacity)
2 cars 2 tents and tarps each


Approx. 20m× approx. 20m


With power supply (10A)

Parking Lot

Please use the private parking lot next to the site.

  • Admission and parking fees are also included.
  • Those who are 4 years or older are eligible for the fee and count toward the number of people (Free for children under 3 years old, not counted)

2024 Season (April 2024~)

(1 section per night Price/ unit: Yen, tax included)

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