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The Sylvanian family's home appears in a life-size cottage.
The red roof and log house style design are reputed to be cute.
You can enjoy easy cottage camping with plenty of facilities.
Barbecue grill is provided, so if you bring ingredients, barbecue is OK!
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Number of buildings

1 building


max 4

  • If you are using 4 people, 2 of them will be elementary school students or younger.
    (Because it is a sofa bed, up to 3 people can sleep if it is only an adult.) )

You can see the image above and below.

Indoor: about 10 tatami mats

Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Deck: 15 sqm

Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Floor plan
  • Air conditioning
  • toilet
  • Blanket × 4
  • Pillows, pillowcases×4
  • Sheets × 4
  • Single bed × 1
  • Mobile bet ×1 (under single bet)
  • Sofa bed × 1
  • IH Cooking Heater
  • sink
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Tableware (platter, salad bowl, cup, chopsticks, spoon, fork for each person)
  • Cooking utensils (large pots, small pots, frying pans, kettles, kitchen knives, cutting boards, rapeseed, otama)
Facilities (outdoor)
  • Picnic Table
  • Tarp
  • BBQ Gas Grill (ezBBQ 3BH14S) with Mesh and Iron Plate (size:62.5×48.5)
Parking Lot

1 car

staying plan

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

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