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Barbecue & Cooking Equipment

BBQ ・ Cooking Goods

The number of rental items may be limited, so we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.
Of course, even on the day of your stay, you can accept it at the front desk.

BBQ Grill

1,500 yen (with net)

If you don't have it when you have a BBQ on your site, click here.

Two burner stove

JPY 1,700

Fueled by white gasoline Coleman's burner cooktops. (with stand)

Rice Basin

JPY 400

"Hango usui-san" is written as "飯盒炊爨".


JPY 400

It is not an electric kettle. So to speak, a kettle.


JPY 650

At camp for non-instant coffee.

Dutch Oven

10 inches: 900 yen (for 3~4 people. Suitable for curry, etc.)
12 inches: 1,000 yen (for 5~6 people. Whole chickens are also included)
Accessories: Stand, Lifter, Inner Net




Hot sandwich maker Baul—

400 yen


JPY 400

On cold days, pots do not accumulate. Diameter 30cm Depth 12cm

Pot set

JPY 1,000

A set of large pots, small pots, and pans.

Dish set

JPY 700

Set of platters, cups and salad bowls. (4 each)

Cutlery Set (for 4 people)

JPY 400

It is a set of fork, spoon, knife and chopsticks.

Plate & Cutlery Set

JPY 900

A dish set and a cutlery set together. Even if you don't bring plates or chopsticks, this is OK.

rice cooker

JPY 1,000

A rice cooker like you would find at home. 10 Rice cooks.

Rice Cooker

JPY 500

A special pot for cooking rice.
There is a scale, so you can also see the amount of water.

Grill mesh

JPY 500

For grilling.

iron plate

JPY 500

Teppanyaki for teppanyaki on BBQ grill.

Grill net & griddle set

JPY 800

If you want to enjoy BBQ and yakisoba noodles, click here!


JPY 500

Griddle for making teppanyaki on a two-burner stove

Poly tank

JPY 400

Something and useful.

Cooler Box

JPY 800

Party Stacker / 33QT (Capacity 31L)

Kitchen Tool Set

JPY 500

We offer knives, cutting boards, ladles, tongs for ingredients, and fryers.

Reuse Cup (1 set 4 cups)

150 yen

frying pan

400 yen

kitchen knife

150 yen

Also board

150 yen


150 yen


150 yen


150 yen


150 yen


150 yen

Camping Equipment

Camp Goods

Dome Tent

JPY 4,000

Dome-shaped tent for 4 people.

Tent Floor Mat

JPY 700

It is an item that is laid in the tent to prevent the ground from getting cold and uneven, and keeps you sleeping comfortably in the tent.

Ground Sheet

JPY 550

Place it under the tent to protect it from rain, condensation and dirt.


JPY 2,000

Rain protection & sunshade sheet.

Screen tarp

JPY 2,100

It is a mosquito net type. (Approx. 310×330×H200cm)

Director's Chair

JPY 500

Folding outdoor chair. There is also a backrest and elbow rest, so it's easy.

Outdoor Table

JPY 700

Folding table. For outdoor use.


JPY 350

Stargazing essentials

Bonfire pit

JPY 700
Open flames are prohibited in the hall. If you don't have bonfire equipment, click here.

* Dutch oven is not included.


JPY 500
You can hang a Dutch oven or kettle over a bonfire.

* Bonfire stand and Dutch oven are not included.

Lantern (gasoline)

JPY 1,200

It is an outdoor lamp for outdoor use. A must-have for outdoor production at night!

Lantern (LED)

JPY 800

Coleman. It is a high-brightness LED lantern with a built-in generator and does not require batteries.

Lantern Stand

JPY 450

Stand for lanterns.

Shruff (sleeping bag)

JPY 700

The number of people who stay at cottages is also increasing, "because children are happy".


1 ticket: 500 yen

Foldable camping mat. Approx. 200×60×2.5cm


JPY 700

You can lie down and watch the starry sky. You can also use it as a bench.


1 ticket: 500 yen

At the tent camp, "It's colder than I expected..." In that case.


1 piece: 150 yen

For those who don't have sheets on their mats.


JPY 300

This one piece has a very good atmosphere.

AC Power Extension Cord

JPY 300

For powered auto camp sites.

String Light

350 yen

Poka Poka Items

Hot Carpet

1,200 yen

hot water bottle

400 yen

Reservation of rental items

Online booking

Please select the desired item from “Reservation of Optional Items” at the time of booking.
If you have already booked your accommodation, you can log in to My Page and add options in “Change booking”.

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