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To order these ingredients, please make a reservation in advance (please make a reservation online at least 4 days in advance)



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 About Reservations
Please make a reservation at least 4 days in advance of the online reservation"Reservation of optional items / reservation of ingredients".
If you have already made a reservation, you can add options by logging in to My Page and clicking "Change Reservation".
* If you would like a number candle (0~9 200 yen each), it is available at the front desk, so please purchase on the day. We do not handle regular candles.
* Reservations must be made at least 4 days in advance. Cancellation fees will be incurred up to 3 days in advance.
How to provide


Online reservations (up to 4 days prior to the date of use)

Please select the desired item from “Reservation of Optional Items” at the time of booking.
If you have already booked your accommodation, you can log in to My Page and add options in “Change booking”.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!