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TAKIBI Camping Style (Capacity 4 people)

A plan to enjoy a charcoal barbecue on the terrace of the cottage.
You can choose from two types of dinner and breakfast.

* One bundle of firewood is included.

Target period

Whole year

plan contents

Dinner is served on the cottage terrace and baked by yourself.
We will prepare pre-cut vegetables and meat, so you can enjoy authentic charcoal BBQ at the cottage.

Cooking utensils (tongs, 2.5 kg of charcoal, charcoal shears, igniter, net), paper plates for the number of people, and cutlery such as splitters are also set.

  • Cooler bags containing ingredients are given to customers.
    Specifications are subject to change depending on the season.
  • For evening breakfast, you can choose from the following two types.
  • Rice will be cooked by the customer himself at Mestin.
  • Click "Dinner" and "Breakfast" below to display the details of the ingredients.

April 2024~

● Dinner

Bonfire Seafood

  • Beef sirloin (150g), chicken leg (1)
  • Headed shrimp (1 tail), scallop in shell (1 piece)
  • Cheese fondue with vegetables
  • Caesar salad with broiled bacon
  • Mestin Rice
  • BBQ Sauce

Allergies include: wheat, eggs, milk, shrimp

Bonfire Grill

  • Beef sirloin (150g), miso pork (120g), bone-in sausages (1 stick)
  • Ajillo with scallops and shakushi greens
  • Vegetable brochettes
  • Mestin Rice
  • BBQ Sauce


● Breakfast

Croissant Sand Morning

  • Croissant Sandwich
    (Croissant, Roast Ham, Egg Salad, Green Curls, Sliced Cheese)
  • salad
  • soup
  • fruit juice

Allergies included: wheat, eggs, milk

Campagne Sand Morning

  • Campagne Sandwich (Campagne Bread, Shrimp, Potato Salad, Sliced Cheese, Green Curls)
  • salad
  • soup
  • fruit juice

Allergies include: wheat, eggs, milk, shrimp

  • If you have any allergies, please contact the front desk.
  • The option menu is only available to customers who use this plan.
  • Due to hygiene management, we do not allow raw foods to be brought in.
  • Those who are 4 years or older are eligible for the fee and count toward the number of people (Free for children under 3 years old, not counted)
  • Happy Friday After Holiday discounts are not available.

2024 Season (April 2024~)

1st tier: Adult price (junior high school students and older)
In the second tier ( ): Child fee (4 years old and over elementary school students and younger)

(Price per person per night / unit: yen, tax included)

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