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BBQ Ingredients


Assorted Vegetables (2-person)

1 set: 1,120 yen

[Set contents]
Cabbage, onions, carrots, pumpkin, peppers, symeds, shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes (*subject to change depending on the season)

1 Day Limited 5 Meals Saitama Scented Pork's Exciting Kamameshi NEW! !

1 set 1,500 yen (2 to 3 servings)

Prefectural brand scented pork and Fukaya green onions pickled in Chichibu brewed walnut miso are brilliantly cooked in a feather kettle.
"Takikomi gohan SAITAMA rice !!"

【set content】
Saitama scented pork (pickled in peach miso), green onions, mushrooms, soup stock, rice 2 go (Aya no Kagayaki)

Hagama, chibi bread, cassette stove, tongs, rice scoop

Let's cook in a hagama for 5 meals per day only! "Shako-soa cooked rice" NEW! !

1 set: 1,200 yen (2 to 3 servings)

It is a hagamameshi made by cooking Chichibu's specialty shakushina pickles and Saitama prefecture's rice "Aya no Kagayaki" in a hagama.
Please enjoy the fragrant aroma of stir-fried sesame oil and the exquisite harmony of saltiness.

【set content】
Crispy pickles, rice 2 go (Aya no Kagayaki), sesame oil

Camping feather pot, chibi bread, cassette stove, tongs, rice scoop, paper plate

Homemade hamburger foil grilled

For 2 people: 1,750 yen

Let's enjoy the menu that adults and children will absolutely enjoy outdoors!
※ Hamburger will give you the one that has been molded.

[Set contents]
Ground beef, onions, bread crumbs, nutmeg, eggs, salt, ketchup, red wine, black pepper,
Demiglace sauce, smeji mushrooms, maitake mushrooms

Accessories: Aluminum foil

Eggs, milk, wheat

Bagna Cauda with local vegetables





Grand Auberge Exclusive Sweets

Baked Banana ~grilled banana~


バナナ2本 シナモンシュガー、クリームチーズ、メープルシロップ

Baked Apples ~grilled apple~

1 set: 1,000 yen (2-3 people)

[Set contents]
2 apples, cinnamon stick, butter

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