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明野の森 kindergartenはPICA八ヶ岳明野センターハウス2Fにある森のようちえん。

明野の森 kindergartenは皆さんがルールを守ることで成り立ちます。

The Sun and the Forest

In the sunshine pool of Akeno, the sun and the forest are open.

It was cheerful or sunny, and parents and children read picture books.
Relax in the shade of the forest and read a picture book with your family.
At night, we sit around a bonfire and read picture books around lanterns.

The beginning of a wonderful CAMP ~

You can also read picture books on the site where everyone stays Mr./Ms. or in your room.

Picamock Plaza

Welcome to the free playground Picamock Plaza.

You can play freely with mock balances made of forest materials.
You can play freely in both mock balance and camping.

There is no doubt that you will be hooked with your family and friends.
Even small children can play together.

It is prohibited to take it out of the center house.

Coloring Museum

It is a space where you can enjoy PICA Yatsugatake Akeno's original coloring pages.
On an irregular basis, Mr./Ms. will hold an exhibition of coloring pages that everyone has colored.

Using the forest color pencils, you can complete a nice coloring page.




明野中学校2年生 りーふさん

明野中学校2年生 Aoiさん

明野中学校2年生 ゆきみ饅頭さん


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