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Time to unleash me

A beautiful auberge standing looking up at Mt. Fuji on the shore of lake in the mountains of silence.
The time spent surrounded by the soft wood stands and the gentle wind is like a treat to the heart.
A special dish that you can enjoy with your five senses while enjoying the nature of the lake that attracts the expression of the four seasons.
It's time to get away from your busy life and free yourself.
Please enjoy the true gastronomy that is filled with your heart that is not in the bustle of the city.

Carefully selected ingredients and wine


The rich blessings of mt. Fuji at the foot of Mt. Fuji are nurtured by magnificent nature and the earth.
We are particular about seasonal ingredients of the four seasons, local production for local consumption, and local ingredients unique
Fresh vegetables, brand meat from Yamanashi Prefecture, and seafood from Numazu Suruga Bay
We offer plenty of dishes.
A number of exquisite wines that go well with dishes carefully selected by the sommelier,
Please enjoy the mellow taste of Yamanashi Koshu wine together.

Delicious masterpieces


The colors of the four seasons are the real pleasures of cooking in Auberge, which stands on the lakeside.
As if to photograph the changing season on each plate as it is
A seasonal course menu is available.
Also, while imaging the food color that will be pleasant to visit in the next season
A restaurant with warm lights and chic colors,
Please enjoy your meal in a quiet and calm atmosphere.


〒401-0502 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村平野506-296 PICA山中湖内
TEL. 0555-62-4155

[お食事] ランチ  11:00~15:00(LO14:00)/ ディナー 17:00~21:00(LO20:00)*15:00~17:00 CLOSE


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