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About reservation

Reservations for PICA resorts are accepted from midnight the same day three months before the use day until the morning of the day.
Online reservations require registration as a PICA member, so it will be easier if you register as a member in advance.
* PICA members have benefits such as priority reservations.

We recommend you make an early reservation through online reservation during popular days such as Golden Week and summer vacation!

For group use

For groups with more than 6 buildings (lots) per use (1 night),
We will treat it as a group use, and specialized staff will respond.

You can also book rental items and ingredients!

We also accept reservations for rental items and optional ingredients online. (Food reservation is up to 4 days before use)
You can apply at the same time as the accommodation reservation, and you can add or change it on the way.

Add / change online
You can add it from "Reservation of optional items" by logging in to the reservation my page.

About cancellation / change

About cancellation fee

  • In case of cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged based on the table below.
  • When canceling the charge per person (person price plan), a cancellation fee will be charged according to the number of people canceled.
  • Cancellation charges will be sent by mail or email. (Bank transfer. Please bear the transfer fee.)
  • Although there is a cancellation fee such as "The number of buildings has decreased" "I will stay but cancel the reservation of ingredients", if you come to the venue, you may have to pay the cancellation fee locally ..
  • The cancellation fee applies to accommodation reservations and food reservations.
  • You can only change the schedule once during the cancellation period. Please note that if you cancel the changed schedule, the cancellation fee for the first time or the cancellation fee after the change, whichever is higher, will be applied.
Cancellation fee for accommodation reservation

Contact date

cancellation charge

4 days before use date


3 days before to the day before use


On the day of use


Cancellation fee for food reservation

Contact date

cancellation charge

Until the day before the date of use


On the day of use


No contact



Reservation changes, rental items added, optional ingredients added, cancellation

You can perform each procedure by logging in to "Reservation My Page".

Basic information

Check in Check out

  • If you do not arrive by 19:00, please be sure to contact the local reception.
    If you contact us, we will check in until 21:00.
  • Please present your printed booking confirmation to the front desk upon check-in.
    (Or please write your registration card with your reservation number))
check out

About guest house use

Front office hours

* It will be open at 9:00 the day after the regular holiday.

  • Please refrain from driving from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
    In the event of an emergency outside of business hours, please contact the emergency contact details provided in the information file provided at check-in.

About meals

  • There are two restaurants in PICA Yamanakakoba: FUJIYAMA KITCHEN and FUJIYAMA GARDEN WORKS.
  • If you stay, there is a discount benefit if you make a reservation in advance.
  • Please note that FUJIYAMA GARDEN WORKS is closed during the winter season.
  • ご予約はPICA山中湖フロント(0555-62-4155)までお電話ください。

Notes on the venue

  • Please note that parking is limited to 1 car per cottage (up to 2 hammock cottages).
  • Please refrain from driving motorcycles in the venue.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for accidents or thefts in the venue or parking lot.
  • Please be quiet after 10:00 at night.
  • The use of firearms, including hand-held fireworks, karaoke, generators and radioses is prohibited.

Please note

  • Smoking is prohibited in the room.
  • If the indoor equipment is damaged, you will be charged the equivalent of the actual repair cost.

Hotel Guest Benefits

  • Customers who book meals in advance at fujiyama kitchen restaurant will receive a 10% discount on the price of meals.
    * Dinner, morning lunch (weekdays except busy periods such as GW and summer vacation) are applicable.
    For details, please contact PICA Yamanakako Front Desk.
    * Please note that weekday limited service lunch courses are also not eligible for discounts.
  • Bbq Restaurant FUJIYAMA GARDEN WORKS also offers a 10% discount when you book in advance.
    *Please note that there is a winter holiday period.
  • Guests who use hammock Cafe café will receive a 10% discount on room key presentations after check-in.
  • Shopping at fujiyama bazaar and mori-no-eki Asahioka shops at the foot of Mt. Fuji next to mt. Fuji is also discounted by 5% by presenting a room key.

About accompanying pets

  • Please note that pets are only allowed to be informed when making a reservation. (Pet input items are also available for online reservations.)
  • For dogs, there is an accommodation charge.
  • Pets are only allowed at Doggie Cottage. * At "Dougie Cottage", you cannot go up to the 2nd floor (bedroom) in the cottage. * At "Dougie Cottage", please be sure to put it in a cage, cage, etc. (with bottom) when bringing it to the room.  (There is no rental of cages, so please bring your own.)

Precautions for accompanying pets

  • Please be sure to connect with leads etc. in the venue.
  • It is forbidden to walk around the site / building where other customers are in the hall.
  • We can't take you to the guest house or public spaces. "FUJIYAMA KITCHEN" is only available for terrace seating. "FUJIYAMA GARDEN WORKS" and "Hammock Cafe" are all pets allowed.
  • Please do not leave your pet alone.
  • Please take responsibility for the disposal of excrement. (Please dispose of with burning garbage)
  • 5種混合以上の予防接種、狂犬病予防接種を済ませたワンちゃんであることがお連れいただく際の大前提です。(最終摂取日より3年以内)
  • Please refrain from using the dog during the heat.
  • For dogs who have a habit of chewing or fighting, please be careful with using a muzzle.
  • The owner is responsible for monitoring the behavior of the pet dog.
  • In the unlikely event of an accident, the owner is responsible for resolving it.
  • If you inconvenience others or fail to comply with the above, we may refuse to stay overnight.

Estimated temperature

The local elevation is about 990m. Please be careful about clothes and equipment as it may get cold after sunset.













Highest temperature













Lowest Temperature













*The value is from yamanakako observatory.

Various inquiries

Inquiries regarding facility and accommodation reservations

Please read "Frequently Asked Questions" before contacting us.
In addition, details such as facility equipment and floor plans are provided at "Accommodation Facilities".

You can change, cancel, or add options (ingredients, rental items) on your own My Page.
* It may not be possible to make some changes immediately before.

Please contact us by email using the inquiry form below.
We will reply to you one by one.
* Inquiries may increase before consecutive holidays, summer vacation, and the year-end and New Year holidays, and it may take time to respond.

Inquiries by phone

General reception


PICAヘルプデスク 営業時間:9時~16時(日休み)

Local front


PICA Yamanakako (closed: Wednesdays and Thursdays *excluding busy season)
506-296 Yamanakako-mura Plain, Minamitoru-gun, Yamanashi 401-0502

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

PICA Lake Yamanaka