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Target period

Whole year


Complimentary breakfast

Complimentary breakfast is available for guests.

  • The contents and dining place vary depending on the property.
  • Children under 2 years old are not included.

Accommodation Type


Breakfast Contents

Where to eat



Royal Sleeper 8
Royal Sleeper 6
Sleeper 4
Compact Caravans BBQ

Wild Delivery
※I deliver it to a room.

Each cottage


- Marmalade Caravan Type A & B
・Compact Caravans

Wild Morning

> Wild Cookin' Garden

You can change to Wild Delivery.
Extra charge 300 yen/person


・Cottage terrace
・Cottage Kitchen
・Cottage Dog Run
・CAMP cabin 12
・CAMP cabin 6
・CAMP cabin 4

Wild Morning

> Wild Cookin' Garden

・Cottage terrace
・Cottage Kitchen
・Cottage Dog Run
The above facilities can be changed to Wild Delivery.
Extra charge 300 yen/person


・Enjoy tent (permanent)
・Setup tent site
・Setup tent site kitchen

Wild Morning

> Wild Cookin' Garden


Free admission to pleasure forest

* During the Illumination period, the illumination entrance fee is also included.
* If you use the attraction, a separate fee will be charged.

User guide


[Please take all possible measures against insects]

Since the campsite is close to nature, please bring an insect repellent spray such as mosquitoes and take measures diligently. Even on hot days, we recommend wearing long sleeves and long trousers in the evening.
* Since firearms are prohibited in cottages, decks and tents, please use electric and battery-powered mosquito coils.

[Please bring]

Reservation confirmation (online reservation: please print from My Page) (telephone reservation: reservation number given at the time of reservation), nightwear, change of clothes, outerwear, toiletries, flashlight, towels, etc. Medicine, health insurance card (copy), insect repellent spray

[Convenient and fun things to have]

Work gloves, hats, playing cards, etc.

Park bus

There is a bus that runs back and forth between the front gate and the front panorama lodge of the campsite. Since it is a round-trip (piston) operation, there is no fixed time. If you haven't come after a while, please call Panorama Lodge (042-685-0917).
* On the amusement park pack setting day, the panorama lodge ⇔ hot spring "Ururi" also operates after the evening.

Parking Fee

Please pay the parking fee at the front gate.

  • Please check the price from the online reservation page.
  • It is not possible to stay below the minimum capacity or exceed the capacity.
  • Adults are junior high school students and above, children are from 3 years old to elementary school students, and children under 2 years old are free of charge and are not counted in the capacity.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

PICA Sagami Lake