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Map of the venue ロイヤルスリーパー8 ロイヤルスリーパー6 CAMPキャビン6 CAMPキャビン12 遊園地 遊園地 コテージ・キッチン コテージ・ドッグラン トレーラーTAKIBI セットアップテントキッチン エンジョイテント ヤッホーテラス ヤッホーテラストランポリン ワイルドクッキングガーデン セットアップテント マーマレードキャラバンズ セットアップテントキッチン コテージテラス CAMPキャビン4 電源付きオートキャンプサイト 電源なし オートキャンプサイト WILD CAMP SITE FREE WILD CAMP SITE・Freak WILD CAMP SITE・TAKIBI WILD CAMP SITE・Gokuraku base WILD CAMP SITE・PRIVATE(電源付き)

PICAさがみ湖は、遊園地「さがみ湖 MORIMORI」の(入園口)正面ゲートを入り、右手に車で約5分ほど登った丘の上になります。

PICA Sagamiko Front (Camp Reception)

The reception desk for accommodation is here

Training room that can accommodate 50 people

We also sell charcoal, firewood, insect repellent, etc.

Wild cooking garden

For guests From 16:00 to 21:00 and from 7:00 to 9:00 the next morning, the place usage fee will be free.
When using By 19:00 on the day of stay At the front of the Wild Cooking Garden Thank you for your reception. (No reservation required)

Barbecue place

A large facility where 200 people can prepare their own meals

It's okay if it rains! It is an all-weather BBQ place

* Equipment usage fee is required to rent equipment.
* A place usage fee of 1,100 yen per person is required for use from opening to 16:00.
* Delivery of ingredients such as camping packs will be after 17:00.

Drone field Lake Sagami

"Drone Field Sagamiko" in the general ground area is an outdoor comprehensive drone stadium where all drones can fly, from drone racing to industrial drones.
The drone field is large with an area of about 20,000 square meters, and the drone race field and the industrial drone field are separated by a permanent wire mesh fence.
For reservations and inquiries, please visit the website below.
Please make a reservation and contact us in advance as it will be a complete reservation system.


There are various accommodations such as cottages, cabins, trailers, auto camp sites and permanent tent sites.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

PICA Sagami Lake