May only! Introducing New Pizza

~"Anchovies & Tomato" and "Chicken & Sausage"~

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PICA Fujiyama

April 24, 2023

The cherry blossoms are falling, and Fujiyama is full of lush young leaves.
From now on, we are just entering a comfortable time!
Or so I thought...... It can be hot or cold.
I'm cold and I can't let go of the fleece!!
Everyone, please take care of your physical condition!

By the way, today I would like to introduce ♪ the May limited pizza

Anchovies & Tomato ¥1,400

The aroma of garlic and the saltiness of anchovies are irresistible!
The perfect pizza for snacks.
Alcohol is also progressing, and one piece may not be enough???

Chicken & Sausage ¥1,400

A marriage of herb-rich sausage and juicy chicken!
Adults and children alike can enjoy this pizza ♪ only now

I love alcohol, so I recommend anchovies and tomatoes!
Mr./Ms. also sells a lot of alcohol at the shop.
We also ...... local beer, Yamanashi wine, and local sake made with the delicious water of Mt. Fuji.
Of course, there is ♪ also juice

Why don't you all toast with a pizza in hand?
Bonfire! BBQ!! Pizza!!! This is Fuiyama-style camping!

About Pizza Orders

In addition to limited-time pizzas, there are also classic margheritas.

▼ Orders accepted at the front desk by 18:30
▼Pick-up time 17:00~19:00
▼ Pick-up location: In front of the Center House Restaurant

* This product is limited to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Thank you for your understanding.

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