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You can choose from two types of accommodation plans for both dinner and breakfast.

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Forget the passing of time while tasting the exotic atmosphere of Asian taste.
Dinner and breakfast are included.

Target period

Whole year

plan contents

1 night with 2 meals
※Accommodation + dinner + breakfast included


You can cook using the grill yourself,
You can enjoy it in self-cooking style.

  • For both dinner and breakfast, you can choose from two types.
  • Click "Dinner" and "Breakfast" below to display the details of the ingredients.

2024 Season

< Dinner >
●[April 1st ~ June 30th] Domestic lobster dinner "Arona"
  • Roasted domestic lobster (half body)
  • Hamayaki abalone
  • Ajillo with fried whitebait and spring cabbage
    (kamaage whitebait, cabbage, ajillo base, bucket)
  • Scallop brochette
  • Roasted Lemon Pepper from Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Pizza with cherry shrimp and natal grass
    (Cherry Shrimp, Birth Grass, Pizza Dough, Garlic Shrimp Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese)
  • PICA Original BBQ Sauce, PICA Original Spice

【Allergens contained】Shrimp, crab, wheat, milk, soybeans, apples, seafood

● [Year-round] "Premium Seafood BBQ Set"

World-renowned Michelin chef Kazuo Takagi created a premium seafood BBQ set for PICA Hatsushima.

All ingredients are carefully selected by the chef himself, and he is particular about the original deliciousness of the ingredients, such as the production area, freshness, and seasonal ones.

The menu has a total of 6 dishes with a wide variety of seafood.
Japanese cooking methods such as koji and dashi brought out the flavor of the ingredients to the fullest.

Enjoy a hearty dinner with a beautiful view of the island and enjoy seafood, meat, soup, and pasta.

  • BBQ Wagyu Beef Steak with Tomato Koji (140g)
    The flavor of Japanese food is soup stock.
    The flavor of Western food is tomato.
    I blended the broth and tomato koji to layer the umami.
    By aging for several days, the flavor of Wagyu beef is further condensed.
    The meat is made from Japanese black beef thighs from Tottori Prefecture, and the fat is mellow and sweet, and the lean meat is rich, so it has a light taste.
    < allergy > beef
  • BBQ Pickled shrimp with koji (2 tails)
    The shrimp soaked in koji is also savory and grilled to make it flavorful.
    Please enjoy it while it is hot.
    < allergy > shrimp
  • BBQ Domestic Pork Pickled Spare Ribs (400g *including bones)
    The meat is dipped in a uniquely formulated miso koji base and aged for several days.
    The moment you put it in your mouth, the spare ribs are softer and more delicious than you can imagine.
    < allergies> pork, soybeans
  • Salmon and mushrooms baked in foil
    The special miso sauce enhances the flavor of salmon and mushrooms baked in foil.
    A delicious aroma spreads from the moment you open the package.
    < > allergy, salmon, soybeans, wheat
  • Pasta with broth-scented bouillabaisse & (200g)
    Flavorful bouillabaisse with tomato and tuna flakes broth.
    It is a gem that condenses the acidity of tomatoes, soup stock, and seafood flavor, as if insisting on the deliciousness of steam.
    Dare to leave the soup and enjoy the texture with pasta.
    < allergies> shrimp, squid, soybeans, wheat, milk
  • Sansho oil
    A new world seems to open up in your mouth.
    Refreshing aroma of citrus and pleasant numbness.
    Budo sansho from Aritagawa Town, Wakayama Prefecture, which is called "green diamond", is finished with a refreshing rice bran oil.
    Two or three drops give it an elegant flavor and enjoy the magic of Japan.
●[July 1st ~ September 30th] Carefully selected ingredients seafood seafood dinner "Arona"
  • Roasted domestic lobster (half body)
  • Grilled abalone with lemon butter
  • Grilled scallops
  • Shizuoka Lively Pork Roast (120g)
  • Marinated octopus and summer vegetables
    (octopus, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, tomato dressing)
  • Garlic Tomato Pizza with Cherry Shrimp and Summer Vegetables
    (Cherry shrimp, birth grass, summer vegetables (4 kinds), pizza dough, garlic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese)
  • Grilled seasonal vegetables
  • PICA Original BBQ Sauce, PICA Original Spice

【Allergens contained】Shrimp, crab, wheat, milk, soybeans, pigs, chickens, apples, peaches

● April 1st ~ June 30th

You can choose from two types.

Cerah "Roast Pork Bagel Sandwich"

  • Roast Pork Bagel Sandwich
    (Sesame bagel, roast pork slices, red cheddar slices, lettuce, tomato slices, lemon sauce)
  • Tropical Juices

【Allergens contained】Pork, egg, wheat, milk, soybean

Danau "Campagne Sand Morning"

  • Pastrami Beef Sandwich
    (Campagne slices, pastrami beef, red cheddar slices, lettuce, tomato slices, lemon sauce)
  • Tropical Juices

【Allergens contained】Beef, egg, milk, wheat, soybean, apple

● July 1 ~ September 30

Cerah "Shrimp Avocado Sand Morning"

  • Shrimp & Avocado Sandwich
    (shrimp, avocado sauce, hard-boiled egg, sunny lettuce, tomato, lemon sauce, whole wheat bread)
  • Tropical Juices

【Allergens contained】Shrimp, eggs, wheat, soybeans

Danau "Chicken Focaccia Sandwich Morning"

  • Chicken Focaccia Sandwich
    (Focaccia, salad chicken slices, hard-boiled egg, carrot lapé, genoa paste, sunny lettuce, lemon sauce)
  • Tropical Juices

【Allergens contained】Wheat, eggs, oranges, soybeans, milk

* Depending on the purchase situation and season, the contents of the ingredients may change.

  • You can park your car in Atami Port Neighborhood Guest Parking or Public Parking. If you would like to reserve a parking lot for guests staying near Atami Port, please make an application at the time of reservation with "Option / Rental Product". (Kurushima is not available by car. Please read the accommodation information for details.)
  • Hotel guests are entitled to preferential round-trip boarding rates. Please tell us that you are staying at Atami Port ticket window.
  • Includes Asian Garden R-Asia admission fee and usage fee for Shima no Yu, a hot spring bath. (* Sea pool business period includes sea pool fee)
  • If you are 4 years of age or older, the price will be as follows, and it will be counted as the number of people. (Free for children under 3 years old.) It does not count towards the capacity)
  • Please note that you can stay with 2 or more people and cannot stay with 1 person.

2024 Season (April 2024~)

1st tier: Adult price (junior high school students and older)
In the second tier ( ): Child fee (4 years old and over elementary school students and younger)

(Price per person per night / unit: yen, tax included)

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