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アジアンリゾートヴィラ 海のプール アジアンガーデンR-Asia VOTAN SARUTOBI アイランドヴィラ 海泉浴島の湯 テラスレストランENAK フロント  



Asian Garden R-Asia

A relaxing hammock space surrounded by subtropical flowers

Adventure Island VOTAN (Bowthan)

An athletic park that captures 10 original activities

Sea spring bath "Shima no Yu"

Open-air bath unique to the coastline just around the same island

Hatsushima Adventure SARUTOBI

Enjoy the view of the sea and the feeling of adventure through the thick trees

Terrace Restaurant ENAK


Sea Pool

Limited to summer! Seawater resort pool for families


A comfortable space reminiscent of a villa on a southern island. There are Asian resort villas and island villa terraces.

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