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Only those who stayed at PICA Resort at "Fujiyama Onsen" next to Fuji-Q Highland receive the following benefits.

Fujiyama Onsen

You can enjoy the natural hot springs with the peculiar spring quality of Mt. Fuji and the bathroom of Japan's largest pure wooden structure near the Kawaguchiko IC.



Guests staying at PICA Fujiyoshida, PICA Lake Saiko, PICA Yamanakako, and PICA Fujiyama


Please present the receipt for which the PICA accommodation fee has been settled at the Fujiyama Onsen front desk.

[Discount benefits for admission]

Weekdays, Adults Normally 1,500 yen → 1000 yen
Weekdays & Children Normally ¥750 ¥→ ¥500
Saturdays and holidays, adults Normally 1,800 yen → 1000 yen
Saturdays, holidays, children Regular 900 yen → 500 yen
* The above fee includes admission fee, bath towel and face towel rental.
* Adults include a bathing tax of 50 yen.
* After the second towel, an additional fee will be charged.
* Indoor wear will be rented separately for 300 yen (1 piece).

[Discount benefits for bedrock bath charges]

Adults and children Common 610 yen → 310 yen
* Bedrock bath area and hot room (resting room, relaxing space where you can read manga, magazines, etc.) are available.
* Admission fee is required separately.


Until March 31, 2023


It can be used once a day from the check-in date to the check-out date.


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