Fuji-Q Highland Free Pass & Breakfast Set


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Fuji-Q Highland Free Pass & Breakfast

Fuji-Q Highland, where you can enjoy many of the "world's best" attractions at the foot of Fuji
In the park, there is also a theme park "Thomas Land" and "Lisa and Gaspard Town".
An option that includes a free pass and campsite breakfast is now available!

After enjoying Fuji-Q Highland to your heart's content, you can enjoy BBQ & bonfire.
On the day of check-in, you can come to Yamanashi slowly and enjoy it to the fullest from the morning of the check-out day.

It is a "one-day free pass" that can be used either on the check-in day or the check-out day.

Target period


  • Fuji-Q Highland Free Pass
  • Breakfast (varies by campsite)
[ Caution ]
  • First of all, please complete the reception at the campsite front desk and receive a free pass exchange ticket.
    Please proceed to "Fuji-Q Highland" and exchange at the ticket counter.
  • Each campsite has different reception hours.
  • Breakfast is served on the day of check-out.

List of sales locations

* Breakfast contents vary depending on the campsite.
For details, please check the link below for the list of project sites.

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