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PICA camp is more glamorous


PICA thinks.

"Feel more comfortable with nature,
I want you to enjoy the outdoors. "

"Everyone relaxes their minds
I hope I can help you to meet tomorrow ... "

Connecting people to people, people to nature
We will deliver our thoughts to you.

All you have is to enjoy

The attraction of Glamping is that you can enjoy camping casually. Preparing the tent and preparing the ingredients is difficult, isn't it? Please leave the necessary tools to the locals so that you can relax in nature! All you have to do is prepare your heart to have fun.

Feel the finest nature on your skin

The sunrise sky, the full starry sky, the fresh air, everyone's laughter ... Spending in nature reaffirms the beauty and appreciation of nature that you have forgotten in your daily life. Please enjoy the luxurious natural time of every moment with your friends and family.


Closest to nature
glamorous suite

Receive the blessings of nature
glamorous dining

Feel the four seasons of nature,
glamorous experience


more glamorous STAY

PICA Fujiyama

Opened in 2018.
A new outdoor resort where you can enjoy the charm of the northern foot of Mt. Fuji while feeling the nature of Mt. Fuji with all five senses.
We offer high quality cottages such as PICA's original Amazing Dome and colorful trailer cottages.

PICA Yamanakako

Located on the shore of Lake Yamanaka, "PICA Yamanakako" is a complex resort with 17 cottages, a restaurant "Fujiyama Kitchen" and a "hammock cafe".
You can enjoy your stay with a focus on food.


30 minutes by boat from Atami. The remote island "Hatsushima" closest to the Greater Tokyo Area
You can spend a relaxing stay feeling the island time.
In 2020, a new "Island Villa" cottage trailer opened.


Easy online reservation

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!