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Discount tickets for solo and duo campers are now on sale!

If you purchase 5 tickets at the time of first use, you can stay for the second ~ 5th time in exchange for that coupon.

It's valid for 2 years, so you don't have to worry about running out of it!
Even if you only camp in the spring, summer, and fall, or if you only have weekends off,
You can use it with plenty of time to spare.

Even if the list price is cheaper depending on the season, rental items, early check-in,
You can use the late check-out fee to make up the difference.

The target tent site has an area of about 80 square meters without a power supply, so you can spacious and spacious without worrying about the next door.
You can have some time to yourself.


Target period

Whole year

  • 除外日あり。
Target site

The price listed on the facility page is the regular rate.
Please check the bottom of this page for the solo camp ticket price.

* During the winter closure period, tent sites with power supply (A) and (B) can be used.


What's included in the plan?

ソロ1泊:3,000円 / デュオ1泊:3,800円扱いとし、サイト使用料の定価がそれより安い場合、

例)電源なしテントサイト A料金の場合:1名利用 定価2,500円のため、



When you purchase a coupon, you will receive a sticker

  • 5 solo tickets: 15,000 yen
  • 5 duo tickets: 19,000 yen

Sales calendar

About the use of this service
  • This plan isSolo and Duo are only for the booker and companionIt comes to.
  • One set of 5 tickets allows you to stay for a total of 5 nights.
  • One ticket will be issued per user.
    Please note that you cannot share with other users.
  • Please hand over your ticket to the staff at check-in.
  • For the second and subsequent reservations, please make a reservation for the "Solo/Duo Ticket Plan".
    The price will be displayed at the time of reservation, but if you give a ticket on the day of check-in, it will be free of charge.
    You can use it at.
  • If you forget your ticket, pay the regular price.Please be careful.
  • Children under 3 years old are not included in the capacity, so they can be accompanied.
    Example) Duo use: 2 adults and 1 under 3 years old, a total of 3 people are allowed.
  • Solo tickets cannot be used as duos, but duo tickets can be used solo.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the CAMP Start Pack "Step Up Support Card".
  • Other discounts, including member discounts, cannot be used in combination.
  • Happy Friday and After Holiday discounts can be used together.
    Example) If you are staying for consecutive nights on Fridays and Saturdays, please give a coupon only for Saturdays.
  • We do not accept cash exchanges or refunds.
  • Please note that if it is lost, it cannot be reissued.
  • Early check-in and late check-out
    We usually do not accept advance reservations, but we will accept them on the day of the event if there is a vacancy.
    If you contact the front desk the day before, we will answer the availability at that time.
  • In the future, the target facilities may change due to the renewal of the tent site.

About Online Booking

Select your preferred dates of stay, tent site without power supply, and search for availability.
After entering the number of guests, please search for vacancies and make a reservation for the "Solo Ticket Plan" or "Duo Ticket Plan".

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

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