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(Capacity 6 people, 11 sites)

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  • テント・タープは各1張りまで設置いただけます。
  • 2024年4月1日以降は、テント・タープの張り数制限はありません。
Facilities & Floor Plans

Tap below to check the equipment list.

● Equipment
  • Bench table, workbench (0.6×1.5m×h0.85m)
  • Weber Charcoal Grill ×1 / Mesh × 1
  • Bonfire stand x 1
  • AC Power 20A
  • Terrace lighting×1
  • Kawaguchiko Town Designated Garbage Bag (30L)
    * You will receive one ticket per building at check-in.
    * There is a charge for the second and subsequent tickets. (50 yen per ticket)
● Size
  • Wood deck space 3.6m×7.2m
  • Tent space (Sat) 5m×7m *Varies slightly depending on the site. * Cars are not allowed to enter the tent space.
● Parking lot
  • One car can be parked next to the tent site.
  • Only cars within a width of 2.5 × and a length of 7 meters.
  • For campers, it is self-operated only. Towing vehicle is not allowed.
  • About showers
    There is a shower room in the guest house that can be used free of charge.
    Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are available in the shower room, so please feel free to use them.
  • Use of generators, FF heaters, and other noise-generating devices is prohibited.
  • You can stay with your pet. Please register at the time of booking.
  • Those who are 4 years or older are eligible for the fee and count toward the number of people (Free for children under 3 years old, not counted)

2024 Season (April 2024~)

(大人・小人共通料金 1名1泊/単位:円・税込)

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PICA point member system

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