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Number of sites

3 sites

  • ソロ:1名
  • Duo: 2 people
  • Family: 4 people

1 car Tent tarp 1 each


1 site standard 40 to 50 m2 (ground is soil)

  • 電源あり(20A 1口/サイト)
  • It will be closed in winter.

Please note that campervans that can be towed are not available.

  • At PICA Fujiyoshida, tow-type campers cannot be used due to the angle and width of the curve of the approach inside the venue.
    If it is a self-propelled camper, it can be used up to a total length of about 6 m, but because the parking space is slightly inclined and especially in the case of "with tent site power supply (A)", there is a height difference between the parking space and the tent space. Please note that it may be difficult to set up the site, such as overhanging the awning.
  • Therefore, in addition to the above understanding and cooperation, we recommend the "tent site" and "camper site" of "PICA Lake Saiko Fuji" for those who come by camper.


PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

PICA Fujiyoshida