Cottage kitchen deck wood stove plus

(Capacity 6 people, 3 buildings)

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Camping for the first time! After all the cottage is safe!
"Cottage Kitchen Deck Wood Stove plus" with outdoor kitchen goods
A cute wood stove "Ozpig" from Australia is installed on the deck.
You can also enjoy outdoor cooking casually.
In addition, "Lantern" which makes camping for the first time more fun is free rental and with ignition lecture!

Number of buildings

3 buildings


6 (capacity is not available)


Simple logs made in Finland.
The wood stove "Ozpig" is installed on the deck.
With a hot water sink, you can easily enjoy outdoor cooking on the deck.

The following image can also be viewed up and down.

Indoor: about 10 tatami mats

Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Outdoor: Covered wood deck (about 10 m2)

Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Floor plan

Lantern rental & ignition lecture included



  • Air conditioning
  • Gas heater
  • Matt × 6
  • Blanket x 6
  • Pillow x 6
  • Pillowcase ×6 (mat is 5cm thick urethane vinyl leather, sheets are rental)
  • Refrigerator (with freezer)
  • Plate set (deep dish, flat plate, mug serves 6 servings)
  • Cutlery (chopsticks, fork, spoon for 6 people)
  • Pot set (deep pot, small pot, frying pan, zaru)
  • Kitchen toolset (kitchen knife, cutting board, ball, meat tongs, fly return)
  • Cassette stove with gas
Facilities (outdoor)
  • Mini Low Table
  • Wood chair
  • バーベキューグリル(サイズ:W600×D460 H680(mm)・網、鉄板、炭ばさみ)
  • Hot water sink (with sponge and detergent)
  • Wood stove "Ozpig"
  • The deck is covered.
Parking Lot

Can be installed sideways (for 1 unit)

  • 下記の料金は1泊1名料金、消費税込みです。
  • Available for more than 2 people.
  • Those who are 4 years or older are eligible for the fee and count toward the number of people (Free for children under 3 years old, not counted)
  • プラン名をクリックすると、食材内容詳細ページへ移動します。

2023 Season (until March 2024)

  • Weekend discounts (Happy Friday and After Holiday) are applicable only for overnight stays.
    Plans with meals are not applicable.

(Price per person per night: YEN, tax included)

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