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July 16, 2022

Renewal Overview

The concept is "rock" and "fire"

The deck and fire pit are characterized by natural stone stone upholstery.
All of them are carefully applied by hand by craftsmen, and no two designs are the same.
Because PICA Fuji West Lake is located in the Aokigahara Forest,
The unique world view of the rocks maximizes the natural beauty of West Lake.

Types that can be selected according to the application

We have prepared two types of trailers of different types.
"Fire Base / TAKIBI" where you can enjoy adult camping centered on bonfires
The warmth of wood and stone kilns are characteristic of "Fire Base KAMADO"
You can choose from two types of trailer cottages with different concepts to suit your needs.

You can enjoy a more relaxed private camp than ever before.

Reduced the number of trailer cottages from 8 to 6,
By designing a wide deck size of 5.4m × 7.4m,
You can enjoy private camping in a more spacious space.

Camping = Bonfire

"Bonfires are essential in camping," the West Lake staff believes.
Bonfires not only keep warm and light, but are also essential for cooking.
More than that, it gives peace of mind to those who gather around the bonfire,
It gives us the opportunity to create new values...
That's why the new trailer house has a custom-made fire pit in the center of the deck.
I would like you to make the time around the bonfire a better time,
It is a trailer cottage with such a wish.


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PICA point member system

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