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[Canoe] Regular program

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Lessons for beginners.
Float on the lake for the first time, and row off to the coast where you can see Mt. Fuji!
You can rest assured that the guide will support you.
Of course, the second and third participation is also OK.

  • 都合によりお休みをいただく場合もございます。
  • 1部 / 9:00~10:30
  • 2部 / 11:00~12:30
  • 3部 / 13:00~14:30
  • 所要時間 約1.5時間


※ 小学生以下は必ず保護者が同伴してください。
※ 宿泊者以外も予約可能です(モーニングカヌー以外)。


[Canadian canoe]


[Sit on kayak]

2 adults

Reception / payment

30 minutes before the start at the front desk
(Move to the meeting place 10 minutes before payment)

The meeting place

PICA Fuji Saiko Lakeside area Canoe meeting place


4,000 yen for 2 people per boat (per person)
In the case of 3 people per boat (per person) 3,700 yen
In case of 4 people per boat (per person) 3,500 yen

  • Maximum of 3 adults for 4 boats per boat. The 4th child is limited to the lower grades of elementary school or children weighing less than 30 kg.
  • 大人4名様で1艇のご予約を頂いても、実際にはご案内できない場合がございますのでご注意ください。
  • If you would like 4 adults, please book 2 boats for 2 boats for 1 boat.
What to bring and wear


  • Insurance included.
  • In strong winds, we may only offer guidance for kayaks.
  • Dogs are not allowed on board.
  • The program may be canceled due to strong winds, heavy rain, etc. Please note that the guide will judge the weather 30 minutes before the start time (reception time).

way to participate

You can choose either Canadian canoe or kayak.

  • You can make a reservation for one boat with one reservation. If you would like more than one boat, please book one boat at a time.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

PICA Fuji Xi Lake