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Target period

Friday, February 17, 2023 ~ Friday, March 31, 2023

plan contents
  • 1 night with half board
    ※Accommodation + Dinner + Breakfast
  • Hatsushima Adventure SARUTOBI Voucher
  • Lunch ticket for "Terrace Restaurant ENAK" in Asian Garden R-Asia (1 meal + 1 drink)

Customers can cook on the grill by themselves,
You can enjoy it in a self-cooking style.

The staff will bring the ingredients to your room.

Ingredients ※Please tap here for details.

You can choose from 2 types of dinner.

■ Dinner

Seafood Grill

・Smoked cheese and grilled bacon
・Steaming shellfish in wine
・Live sazae grilled with herb butter
・Fresh fish aquapazza
・Grilled Omar shrimp with rock salt
・Angel shrimp and seasonal vegetables yuzu miso paella
・Soft drinks

Steak Grill

・Smoked cheese and grilled bacon
・Tuna and Silas Ajillo
・ Salsiccia when this projet
・Roast pork from local vegetable prefecture
・Domestic medium sirloin steak
・Shizuoka chicken and seasonal vegetables yuzu miso paella
・Soft drinks

* If you wish to change the attached drink to alcohol, please contact the local staff.

■ Breakfast

・Small shrimp and scallop tomato conge—
(Small shrimp, scallops, 15 grains of rice, quinoa mix, mixed nuts, mixed beans, Career grass, hot spring eggs)
・100% fresh juice, coffee

* Ingredients will be delivered at night. Drinks are separate.

* Depending on the season, the contents of vegetables may change.


Hatsushima Adventure SARUTOBI Voucher

A popular nature experience facility in Europe where you can wear a special harness and cross the trees.
During the journey of about 30 minutes ~ 1 hour, you can fully enjoy the sense of adventure by passing through the overgrown trees and admiring the sea view.

Lunch ticket gift

*The image is for illustrative purposes only.

Can be used at "Terrace Restaurant ENAK" in Asian Garden R-Asia
Get a lunch ticket (1 meal + 1 drink)!

  • This plan is limited to weekdays only for customers under 24 years old.
    Please bring your ID that can verify your age on the day of the event.
    All guests must be 24 years old or younger.
    If you are over 25 years oldStandard PlanIt comes to.
  • Please make a reservation for SARUTOBI online by yourself.
    * There is a capacity in the time frame, so we may not be able to meet your request.
    * It is possible to make a reservation on the day of the event, but we may not be able to meet your desired time.
    * No refunds will be given if you do not use SARUTOBI.

    SARUTOBI must be at least 110cm tall and over 5 years old.
    Everyone is required to understand the rules and sign the pledge.
    Customers up to high school students need a parental consent form.
    If you are an elementary school student or younger, please be sure to participate with a parent or guardian or a person with equivalent qualifications (20 years old or older).
    A maximum of 2 children per guardian is allowed.

  • You can use the parking lot for guests near Atami Port or the public parking lot.
    If you wish to reserve a parking lot for guests near Atami Port, please apply for "Optional Rental Items" at the time of reservation.
    (You cannot come to the island by car.) For details, please read the accommodation guide.)
  • Hotel guests are entitled to preferential round-trip boarding rates. Please tell us that you are staying at Atami Port ticket window.
  • Includes Asian Garden R-Asia entrance fee and usage fee for sea bath "Shimanoyu".
  • Please note that you can stay with 2 or more people and cannot stay with 1 person.
  • If you are 4 years of age or older, the price will be as follows, and it will be counted as the number of people. (Free for children under 3 years old.) It does not count towards the capacity)
  • Other discounts, including member discounts, cannot be combined.
  • Happy Friday After Holiday discount and nationwide travel support cannot be combined.

(Price per person/unit: yen and consumption tax included)



JPY 18,000

JPY 18,000

JPY 18,000

JPY 18,000

JPY 18,000

* By clicking on the facility name, you can check the facility details.


By booking online

Select your preferred dates of stay, accommodation and search for available rooms.
After entering the number of guests, please select "Weekdays, 24 years old and under limited plan".

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

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