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Soak up the exotic atmosphere with Asian flavors and forget about the passage of time.

Limited to those who make a reservation at least 60 days in advance,
The regular plan (1 night with 2 meals) at each facility can be used at a special rate.

Target period


  • 7月1日(土)~9月17日(日)対象外

Customers can cook on the grill by themselves,
You can enjoy it in a self-cooking style.

* If you click "Dinner" or "Breakfast" below, the details of the ingredients will be displayed.


You can choose from two types.


Seafood Dinner "Arona"

  • Gazpacho cold tomato soup with summer vegetables
  • Lemons from Shizuoka Prefecture and pickled summer vegetables
  • Abalone steak with butter soy sauce
  • Grilled lobster caponata (half body)
  • Grilled scallops (1 piece)
  • Red shrimp garlic shrimp
  • Shizuoka Prefecture Red Fuji and clam cartuccio
    (Red Fuji (rainbow trout), clams, vegetable mix, tomato, lemon slices, thyme)
  • Shizuoka Prefecture Kamaage Silas and Skillet Pizza with Birth Grass
    (Kamaage shiras, Career Grass, Pizza Dough, Garlic Shrimp Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Olive Oil)
  • PICA Original Spice, PICA Original BBQ Sauce

【Allergies】Shrimp, crab, dairy products, wheat, soybeans, peaches

Seasonal mountain delicacies steak dinner "Bintang"

  • Gazpacho cold tomato soup with summer vegetables
  • Lemons from Shizuoka Prefecture and pickled summer vegetables
  • Shiraito beef loin steak from Shizuoka (150g)
  • Tandoori chicken with delicious chicken thighs from Shizuoka Prefecture (100g)
  • Roasted caponata pork from Hakone Sanroku from Shizuoka Prefecture (130g)
  • Grilled Vegetables
  • Shizuoka bacon and 100% beef coarsely ground hamburger
    (Shizuoka bacon, 100% beef hamburger, sliced cheese, mustard, buns)
  • PICA Original BBQ Sauce, PICA Original Spice

【Allergies】Wheat, eggs, dairy products, soybeans, apples, peaches


Cerah -Cherah-

  • Smoked salmon with lemon cream sandwich
    (Smoked salmon, lemon cream, sunny lettuce, lettuce, campagne)
  • Cold corn soup
  • Guava juice

【Allergies】Eggs, dairy products, wheat


  • Bologna sausage tortilla sandwich
    (Bologna sausage, natural cheese, coleslaw, basil sauce, sunny lettuce, lettuce, tortilla)
  • Cold corn soup
  • Guava juice

【Allergies】Eggs, dairy products, wheat



旬の伊勢海老ディナー「Arona -アロナ-」

  • シュリンプタコス
  • 秋野菜のグリル
  • Hamayaki of live sazae
  • 静岡県産箱根山麓豚ステーキ(130g)、レモンソース
  • 国産伊勢海老のグリル(半尾)
  • 静岡県産紅富士と出生草のレモンピザ
  • PICA Original Spice, PICA Original BBQ Sauce


秋の味覚 静岡食材厳選メニュー「Bintang -ビンタン-」

  • シュリンプタコス
  • 秋野菜のグリル
  • ホタテ貝の浜焼き(1枚)
  • 静岡県産美味鶏のロースト(100g)、アリゴソース
  • 静岡県産金目鯛のブイヤベース
  • 静岡県産箱根西麓牛サーロインステーキ(125g)
  • 静岡県産ベーコンとキノコのスキレットピザ
  • PICA Original Spice, PICA Original BBQ Sauce



Cerah -Cherah-

  • プルドポークドッグ
  • フレッシュサラダ
  • Guava juice



  • チリコンカンメルトチーズドッグ
  • フレッシュサラダ
  • Guava juice


* Depending on the season, the contents of vegetables may change.

  • You can park your car in Atami Port Neighborhood Guest Parking or Public Parking. If you would like to reserve a parking lot for guests staying near Atami Port, please make an application at the time of reservation with "Option / Rental Product". (Kurushima is not available by car. Please read the accommodation information for details.)
  • ご宿泊のお客様は、往復乗船料金を優待価格でお求めいただけます。 熱海港チケット窓口へご宿泊の旨お申し付けください。
  • Includes Asian Garden R-Asia entrance fee and usage fee for sea bath "Shimanoyu".
  • Member discounts are available.
  • Other discounts are not available.
  • If you are 4 years of age or older, the price will be as follows, and it will be counted as the number of people. (Free for children under 3 years old.) It does not count towards the capacity)
  • 料金は、オンライン予約ページよりご確認ください。

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Please note that reservation details cannot be changed.

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