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A fire pit where you can enjoy a bonfire flickering under the starry sky and Mt. Fuji
It is a site with a wood-burning stove where you can enjoy relaxing outdoor cooking.
Of course, there is also a tent for the bedroom.

It also has a wood-splitting machine and specializes in bonfires.

Number of plots

6 sites


max 4



焚き火テラス 幅3m×奥行4.5m

Floor plan
  • Bedroom tent: Coleman Tough Dome 3025 (width 3 m× depth 2.5 m × height 1.75 m)
  • Schlaf × 4
  • Schlafmat × 4
  • LED lantern×1
Facilities (outdoor)
  • Fire Pit
  • Wood stove
  • Chair
  • table
  • AC power supply
  • BBQ grill (with uniframe, tough grill, one net) x 1
    Grill size: 60 x 46 (height 68) cm
  • Kindling Cracker (Wood Chopping Machine)

冬季はクローズします。(例年 1月上旬~3月中旬)

Target plan

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