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We will support your first camp!

Longing for a tent night
Let's set up a tent together!
Excitement and excitement with the whole family
If you play in nature, everyone will smile
Let's relax in the evening and talk with the family!

Let's make a lot, with the thoughts of the family!
PICA "Empty-handed Camping Starter Pack"

※ Camp Start Pack (Family) is for 2 ~ 4 people.

For the first camp ally

Tent setup support 2,500 yen / group

Our staff will support you if you are the first person to set up a tent.
If you wish, please select other "tent setting support" at the time of booking.

* Because there is support, it is necessary to check in (reception, settlement) at 13:00. Please note that if you do not arrive at 13:00, you will not be available for support.

Target period

From Friday, April 1, 2022 to Monday, November 28 ※Excluded from G fee

plan contents

In this plan, you will set up the tent by yourself.

◆ Rental item set contents
  • Tents, tent mats, tarps
  • Gas Lantern, LED Lantern, Lantern Stand
  • Two Burner
  • Cooker set, cookware set, plate set (for 4 people), cutlery set (for 4 people)
  • kettle
  • low table
  • Cooler box
  • WaterJag
  • × chairs for the number of people
  • Shruff, sleeping mat × for the number of people
  • Bonfires, tripots
  • Outdoor Wagon

Recommended outdoor ingredients for camping start packs

Roast chicken 1 set: 3,000 yen

You will roast and eat one baby chicken and vegetables together. It's also very easy to make! Just put the cut vegetables and the baby chicken together in the Dutch oven and put them on charcoal. If you make it with your child, the fun and deliciousness will be doubled! Please make it a fun camp dish for your family.

set content

1.2 kg (1 chicken), vegetables (1 carrot, 1 potato, 1 onion, 1 garlic), spices
Accessories: Dutch Oven, Gotoku, Lifter, Kitchen Knives & Cutting Board, Tongs

Mt. Fuji born Tomberg 1 set: 2,000 yen

Soft and flavorful "Fuji no Kuni Pork"
Treat that meat in a hamburger luxuriously!!
If you steam it in the magic frying pan "Skillet"
Juicy inside, crispy outside
Everyone is a big snob!! Exquisite hamburger voila! !

set content

150g hamburger × 2 pcs×., 2 potatoes, colored vegetables, olive oil, demi-glace sauce, cream cheese

Skillets, tongs

If you wish to use other optional ingredients, please apply separately from the optional ingredients at least 4 days before use.

  • Fuel is not included. Please bring it in or purchase it at the front desk.
Benefit 1 PICA Original Military Hand Gift for the Number of People

Price / unit including rental items: Yen / consumption tax included

1 person charge


  • It will be a tent site power supply "SHIBAFU" exclusive pack.
    > Click here for site details
  • This pack can be used by 2-4 people.
  • Persons aged 3 years and older are eligible for the rate and will be counted towards the number of people. (Free for children under 2 years old.) It doesn't even count as capacity.)
  • Other discounts including member discounts cannot be applied.
  • Happy Friday discounts and after-holiday discounts are available.
  • Optional ingredients must be booked at least 4 days in advance.

■ Happy Friday discount
Friday Camping Starter Pack Plan Rates are halved with the Happy Friday discount.
* For the convenience of the system, the normal price will be displayed, but the discount will be discounted on the day of application date.

■After Holiday Discount
Monday Camping Starter Pack Plan Rates are halved with an After Holiday discount.
* For the convenience of the system, the normal price will be displayed, but the discount will be discounted on the day of application date.


Online booking

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After entering the number of guests, please search for availability and select the "2022 Camping Startpack Family" plan.

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