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A two-meal plan per night to stay in PICA's original domed tent.
It is designed to provide a sense of unity with nature.
Meals are served in the shade next to the Amazing Dome for breakfast in the evening.

Target period

from April 1, 2022 (Friday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday)


For breakfast in the evening, you can enjoy bbq style next to amazing dome and in the outdoor shade.

You can choose from the following two types of meals, both evening breakfast.
Please specify at the time of booking.
※ Because it is with equipment, you can use empty-handed.

●Steak Grill

●Hamburger Grill

* The photo is for 2 people.

Ingredient details ※Please tap here.

Grill steak for 1 person

  • Beef Shoulder Loin Steak (150g)
  • Back rib steak (300g *including bone)
  • Baked vegetable of sausage (sausage, zucchini, paprika, mini tomato, eggplant, salt and pepper)
  • Jar salad with mortadella (beets, purple cabbage, carrot lape, cucumber, mini tomato, mortadella, cheese, dressing)
  • Pung Gratin (Boules, Ratatouille, Shred Cheese, Hot Spring Eggs, Black Pepper)
  • Shera Cup Pudding
  • PICA original BBQ sauce, salt and pepper

【Allergens】Cow, pig, chicken, egg, wheat, dairy product, soybean, sesame, apple, peach, orange

Hamburger Grill for 1 person

  • Beef 100% Coarsely Ground Hamburger Skillet
    (180g beef shoulder grilled meat, potatoes, onions, rosemary)
  • Salmon Wood Plank
    (80g salmon, mini tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, crazy salt, garlic oil)
  • Scallop baked vegetable
    (Scallops, zucchini, paprika, mini tomatoes, eggplant, salt and pepper)
  • Needs-inspired salad
    (salad, hot spring egg, bacon slices, anchovies, olives, dressing)
  • Shrimp Skillet Pitsua
    (Pizza dough, tomato sauce, shrimp, asparagus, garlic oil, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese)
  • Shera Cup Pudding
  • PICA original BBQ sauce, salt and pepper

Allergens include: Beef, pig, shrimp, salmon, egg, wheat, dairy products, soybeans, peach



●Rye Sandwich Morning

●English Muffin Morning

* The photo is for one person.

Ingredient details ※Please tap here.

Rye Sandwich Morning

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Rye
    (Rye bread, grilled chicken, potato salad, cheese, mustard sauce)
  • vegetable soup
  • Seasonal juices
  • salad
  • coffee

Allergens: Chicken, Egg, Dairy Products, Wheat, Soybeans, Orange, Kiwi, Banana, Apple

English Muffin Morning

  • English muffin sandwich (English muffins, omelets, bacon slices, sliced cheese, tomato slices, mustard sauce)
  • vegetable soup
  • Seasonal juices
  • salad
  • coffee

【Allergens】Pigs, eggs, dairy products, wheat, soybeans, oranges, kiwis, bananas, apples



2022 season (April 2022 to March 2023)


(Per person / Unit: Yen, consumption tax included)















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