【CAMP SAUNA】Very popular! Aroma ice lu is being held! !!

Top page>【CAMP SAUNA】Very popular! Aroma ice lu is being held! !!

PICA Fujiyama

April 10, 2022

PICA Fujiyama's new specialty "Aroma Ice Ryu" is being held very popularly! !!

"Ice (Leopard) Ryu" is a rouryu performed with ice!
* The staff named it arbitrarily. (laughs)

For water lauryu where you can experience a strong heat wave instantaneously,
The charm ♪ of Hyuryu is that it is gradually enveloped by a gentle heat wave over a long period of time.

You can experience a special sauna called "Chartered Trailer Sauna & Wood Stove & Aroma Ice Ryu", which is rare in Japan!

Now, let's briefly introduce how to do "Aroma Ice Ryu"!

STEP1.Scoop a heap of ice with a ladle for low-lyu...

STEP2.Apply 2~3 drops of aroma on the ice.
You can adjust the amount of aroma to your liking!

STEP.3Place gently on a hot sauna stone so that it is scattered.

Ju~・You can see the ice slowly melting while making a sound.
I don't know why, but I can relax a lot. (laughs)

After being steamed slowly...
Cool down at once with a cold drum water bath!


Feel the refreshing forest breeze while taking a leisurely outdoor air bath ♪

There is (・∀・)no doubt that it will be b! !!

In a completely chartered trailer sauna surrounded by the great nature of Fuji,
Would you like to enjoy a more luxurious sauna than usual?

☆ Reservations are made at the local front desk on the day. * Advance reservations cannot be made online or by phone.
☆ It is essential to use it in clothes! Please bring your own swimsuit!


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