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"Log Cottage Terrace", "Log Cottage Loft & Terrace", "Campfire Cottage"
A to C rate day limited to the plan with breakfast appeared! !

Target period

通年 ※D、E、F、G料金は除く。

plan contents
  • Log Cottage Terrace
  • Log Cottage Loft and Terrace

A plan with breakfast is now available only on A~C price days! !!


You can choose from the following two types.

Sautéed thick slices of bacon and baguette

Simple! Good!
This is camping food! Morning Skillet!
Breakfast with thick slices of bacon and vegetable pan de dough original baguette
You can only eat it at PICA Yatsugatake Akeno!

set content

・Thick cut bacon
・Vegetable Bread “Do Do” Campica Akeno Original Baguette
·Mini Tomato
・Seasoning (olive oil, salt and pepper, dried parsley)

6 inch skillet (for the number of people)

Play Park Sand

Breakfast for Play Kids by Play Kids.
How about a breakfast that children can try on their own?
Easy but authentic! Delicious and very satisfying!
Eat a hot sandwich with a browned booby bird,
Enjoy camping to the fullest.
Yatsugatake ketchup made with Yatsugatake tomatoes made in Akeno is exquisite!

set content

·Plain bread
・Yatsugatake ketchup
・Seasoning (salt and pepper)

CHUMS hot sandwich maker

* Fuel such as charcoal is not included, so please bring it in or purchase it at the front desk.
*Dinner is not included.



(1名 大人小人共通料金/単位:円・税込)

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User guide
  • For plans with ingredients, please make a reservation at least 4 days in advance.
  • PICA member discount available.
  • Please note that discounts other than PICA member discounts cannot be combined.
  • Happy Friday and After Holiday can be combined.
    * On days eligible for discounts, please select a no-meal plan.
    * If you would like to have breakfast included, please make a reservation without meals,
    Please reserve breakfast ingredients as an option.
    For one night without meals, the price of the accommodation on the target day will be halved.

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After entering the number of guests, please search for vacancies, select the "Breakfast included" plan, and select the menu.

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