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Delicious and delicious vegetable bread from the creative vegetable bread shop "Do Dou", which proposes how to enjoy vegetables with bread,
You can purchase it at PICA Yatsugatake limited reservation bread.

Please enjoy the freshly baked vegetable bread carefully made by the owner of the vegetable sommelier with carefully selected ingredients.

Stone Kiln Pan de Dou

Place of delivery: Center House
Reserved bread PICA Yatsugatake Akeno Original Vegetable Bread Set

【PICA Yatsugatake Akeno Limited】Creative vegetable bread shop "Do Dou"
The contents of the reserved bread have been upgraded from the one handed over on May 16 and are now available!
We will ♪ publish the contents as soon as possible.

Home-grown wheat blend baguette & 5 kinds of vegetable handmade dip set (10 sets for 1 day only)

The steadfastly popular PICA Yatsugatake Akeno original baguette set,
Handmade vegetable dip has been upgraded to 5 types and is now available!
The taste and the way to enjoy it have been upgraded!

1 set: 700 yen

[Set contents]
- Baguette (about 40cm)

● 5 kinds of homemade vegetable dips
"De Dou Original Tomato Sauce"
"Eggplant jam"
"Crunchy burdock peanut butter"
"Parsley and onion cream cheese"
"Spinach with garlic sauce"

★ If you need a bread cutting knife or cutting board, please let us know when you hand over the bread.

Trio cooking bread of seasonal vegetables (20 sets for 1 day only)

This is a trio cooking bread set that is tightly packed with cooking bread that is very popular at Do Doe.
It also contains the very popular long sausage bread.

1 set: 800 yen

[Set contents]

●Long sausage bread
● Seasonal vegetable pizza
●De Dou's vegetable curry bread

Trio sweet bread with plenty of vegetables (20 sets for 1 day only)







How to make a reservation

  • Reservation at the front desk until 17:00 the day before the date of delivery of the reserved breadYes, you can. (You can only make a reservation for the next day.) )
  • We do not accept reservations by phone.

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