"BASIC PRO SUPPORT" (Basic ProSupport) by Coleman certified "Maintenance License" holders


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Gasoline lanterns lighting the site
Camper's longing two-burner stove

From parent to child, from child to grandchild,
Tools passed down from generation to generation...
It's the camp gear of a lifetime.

Let's use such a combustion apparatus with the West Lake staff
Not only the ignition method of the lantern, but also the karayaki and maintenance method of the mantle,
West Lake staff who have obtained Coleman certified "maintenance license" will teach you carefully
Because I had you know more about the fun of "tool tinming" ...
Make camping more fun with the right knowledge
"Basic ProSupport"

<Basic Pro Support>
From the basic usage of Coleman's one-mantle lantern and two-burner stove,
We will follow your request, from empty-baked mantles to daily maintenance methods.
You can also bring your own private lanterns.

We also accept repairs (repairs) of bad lanterns as much as possible,
Depending on the vintage lantern and model, we may refuse.
※ You will be responsible for the parts fee generated at the time of repair.



Example workshop

◇ How to use "#286ワンマントルランタン"
◇ Daily maintenance method of "#286ワンマントルランタン"
◇ How to use [413H Powerhouse ® Two Burner Stove]
◇ Daily maintenance method of "413H Powerhouse ® Two Burner Stove"
◇ Mantle mounting and empty baking
◇ Inspection and replacement of pump cups
◇ Inspection and replacement of generators
◇ Increasing tightening of valve systems

* For details, please ask at the front desk.

way to participate

As a countermeasure against infectious diseases, one application is allowed for one group.
If you wish, please apply at the front desk in advance and tell us the desired time and contents.

* If you already have a reservation, you may not be able to adjust at your desired time.
* Since firearms are handled, junior high school students will participate with a guardian.



* Please apply for your desired time within the time.
* The normal time required is about 20 to about 30 minutes.
* The event may be canceled on the day without prior notice.


◇Regular participation: 1 time ¥ 500
* If you want to use lanterns and two-burners as rental items after the workshop,
If you pay the difference, you can use it until check-out the next day.
* Please note that the number is limited.


It will be held near the West Lake front,
If you wish, we will also visit your site or cottage for business trips.


When booking, please choose whether you usually participate or rent in.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

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