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PICA Fuji Xi Lake

June 19, 2021

Let's 、、、 essential things in the camp! Bonfire 🔥
Let's 、、、 essential for making a bonfire! Firewood 🌲🌳

I know that.
Many people think, "There are many kinds, and I don't know which one to use"!
Let's explain!

First of all, I arranged three kinds of firewood sold at PICA Fuji Nishiko.
The formation was placed from the left to the center of [Cherry Blossoms] in the order of [Hardwood MIX] to the right of [Pine].
You can see that there is a difference when you arrange the length, thickness, color, and so on.

[Pine] is a coniferous 🌲 🌲,
[Cherry blossoms] and [Hardwood MIX] are divided into categories called 🌳 hardwood 🌳.


Pine, cedar, cypress, etc.

Because it contains a lot of oil and air, it burns vigorously, so it is suitable for burning such as starting a fire.
Smoke and smell are more common than hardwoods.
※Photograph, matsuwoodwood


Cherry blossoms, nara, oak, etc.

Because the body is clogged, it is dense, hard and has a good fire. Because there is little oil and burn, there is little smoke.
Because there is little oil and burn, there is little smoke, so it is suitable for a long bonfire.
※Photograph, cherry tree firewood

What you mean
Light a conifer that is easy to catch a fire,
If you burn a fire-good (hardwood) after that, the fire will stabilize,
You can enjoy the bonfire comfortably!!!

Recommended combinations (*in the case of PICA Fuji Nishiko)

【Pine】+ [Cherry Tree] or 【Hardwood MIX】

By the way, the rough information of the three types of firewood sold at PICA Fuji Nishiko introduced earlier is here ↓
【Pine】 ¥600 Burning time 1 bundle / 30 to 60 minutes
【Cherry Blossoms】 ¥1,080 Burning time 1 bunch/60 to 90 minutes
【Hardwood MIX】 ¥1,000 Burning time 1 bunch / 60 to 90 minutes

It is also good to warm up! You can also try wild food! It is also good to surround the tail fire!
After all, the bonfire is good ~
I no longer want to have a bonfire.。

There is also a rental of a bonfire stand, so you can easily make a bonfire.
Please feel free to ask the front desk staff what you do not know or tips on how to light the fire👂

We look forward to welcoming you back⛺

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