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Additional ingredients

Ingredients name



Seafood Set


Squid, shrimp, scallops and turries each.
Please use BBQ.


6,000 yen


Beef loin steak (about 150g)

1,300 yen

We offer it at an affordable price.


1,200 yen


Grilled Vegetables Set

800 yen

Assorted 5 kinds of vegetables (paprika, zucchini, etc.)
* The contents may change depending on the time of year.

Seafood Yakisoba "Pirate Yaki"


Black noodles kneaded with squid ink are finished with salt yakisoba.
Stir-fried seafood and paprika. (300g noodles)

Grilled rice balls (2 pieces)

350 yen

1 piece, about 70 g.

Atami beer only 4 types compared to set

Please try to drink and compare local beer from Atami.
It is a beer made from natural water of fujihakone mountainous system.

Price: 2,000 yen
【Contents】Atami Beer (1 bottle each)
Pale Ale
A full-fledged ale beer made with Nijo barley grown at a contract farmhouse in Minamihakone.
Red Ale
It is characterized by delicate and gorgeous aromas woven by several kinds of hops.
It is characterized by the faint sweetness of malt and a balanced and aromatic taste.
It is characterized by unique aromas such as bananas and cloves.

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