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■ Have a good camp!!

Let's go to the campsite by the kazomi!
Let's camp with children!

We aim to be a campsite where families who like camping can spend calmly!
I hope camping at PICA Yatsugatake Akeno will be more fun and memorable.



そんなキャンプをしてほしいという思いから、Have a good Camp の施設のご利用にはルールがございます。

It cannot be used by groups or multiple families.
It is also not possible to make a reservation with another account and meet at the site.
Please refrain from using it in combination with other facilities for multiple families.

  例)〇 Aさんの予約 Little Camper Village 
    × Aさんの予約 シエスタkodomo +ログコテージテラス 
    × Aさんの予約 kodomoキャビン Bさんの予約 ログコテージテラス 現地合流後、どちらかのお部屋に集まってお食事など
    〇 Aさんの予約 テントサイトA Bさんの予約 ログコテージロフト&テラス 現地合流後、どちらかのお部屋に集まってお食事など
    × Aさんの予約 キャンプファイヤーコテージ Bさんの予約 Little Camper Village 現地合流後、どちらかのお部屋に集まってお食事など

  Have a Good CAMPの施設のご利用は、1アカウントにつき1棟もしくは1サイトのご予約にして頂きますようお願い致します。

You can't make a reservation with another account and meet up on site.
Please refrain from using multiple families in combination with other facilities.

● On one siteUse for adultsregardless of the capacityUp to 2 peopleI will do it.
(Even if you do not have children, you can use it if you have up to 2 adults.) )
● For children who stay together, in the area (on the site)No Smokingare.

If you find that you have violated the above rules, you will be asked to leave.




■Trailer House

The trailer house "Siesta" proposes the highest level of rest (extraordinary) to get out of the hectic daily life and spend a relaxing time.

■ Log Cottage & Cabin

Log cottage

Log cottages are all with hammocks or hammock chairs.
The interior is equipped with air conditioning and gas fan heaters, so you can spend comfortably regardless of the season, and the outdoor facility is a wood deck with a roof that allows you to enjoy BBQ and meals regardless of the weather.


It is a compact cabin with minimal equipment.
You can enjoy a lot of time outdoors.

Dog cabin & cottage

It is a facility where you can stay with a dog with facilities for dogs.
The dock cottages have their own dock space.

■Tent site

Green area

The open tent site area surrounded by larch forests is a unique tent site with different shape, area and sunshine.
Because it is a tent site made in the incline, the private feeling is outstanding.
All sites have power. (500W)
[Closed in winter (December to March)]

Forest Area

The campsite area in the forest surrounded by red pine and larch is a tent site where you can feel the atmosphere in the forest away from the city.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

PICA Yatsugatake Akeno