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Some rental items are limited in number, so we recommend that you make a reservation in advance. Of course, even on the day of your stay, we accept it at the front desk.

BBQ & Fire Tools

BBQ・Fire Tool

BBQ Grill Set

1,500 yen
Includes grill nets and charcoal scissors.

*Size: W880mmxD480mm H690mm
※ Charcoal and firewood are not included. Please purchase it at Center House or bring it with you.

Fire grill

700 yen
Uniframe fire grille
Recommended for those who cook in the Dutch oven.

※ Charcoal and firewood are not included. Please purchase it at Center House or bring it with you.


500 yen
You can hang a Dutch oven or kettle over a bonfire.

Embossed Iron Plate & Grill Net Set

800 yen
Size: W400mm each×D300mm
It is a perfect size iron plate / mesh set for the BBQ grill attached to the log cottage. If you are using Log Cottage, please use this.

Grill mesh

500 yen
Size: D400mm×W600mm

Embossed iron plate

500 yen
Size: D400mm×W600mm

Charcoal Starter

400 yen
It's easy to start a fire.

Charcoal scissors


It is rented out at the center house. If you wish, please contact STAFF.

Camping Equipment

Camp Tool


Coleman BC Cross Dome 270 (for 4 adults)

※ Tent mat is not attached.
* Pets are not allowed.

Tent Mat

600 yen
It is a mat to lay in the tent. Fits Coleman Cross Dome 270.

* Pets are not allowed.


500 yen
It is a mat to lay under the shruff.

* Pets are not allowed.

sleeping bag

700 yen
It is an envelope type shruff for 3 seasons.

※ Shruff mat is not included.
* Pets are not allowed.


700 yen
You can lie down and see the starry sky. It can be used as a bench.

* Pets are not allowed.


500 yen

* Dog cabin and dog run cabin cannot be used.
* Pets are not allowed.


JPY 2,000
XP Hexatarp/MDX

Director's Chair

500 yen

Outdoor Table

700 yen
It can also be used as a low table.
※ Top plate 120cm×60cm

Lantern Stand

500 yen
※ Lantern is not included.

Gasoline lanterns

JPY 1,200
Coleman One-Mantle Lantern 286A
Because it is bright, it is perfect for outdoor use.

※ It is with white gasoline. We will guide you how to use it.

Gas lanterns

JPY 1,200
Uniframe UL-X Clear
For those who want to use it more easily than gasoline.
*Cassette gas included

LED Lantern

800 yen
It is recommended for those who use it in tents and while moving.

Water Jug

400 yen
It is convenient when the water place is far away.
*Capacity: 7.6L

Cooler Box

800 yen
Party stacker/33QT (Capacity: 31L)

extension cord

300 yen
3 mouths, 10 m

Cooking Tools

Cooking Tool

Dutchie Oven

900 yen
Uniframe 10" Dutch Oven

※ Gloves, lifters and Dutch stands are attached.

Hot Sand Maker

600 yen
OIGEN's Southern Ironware Hot Sand Maker.
You can cook over a bonfire or burner.

Rice Cooker

500 yen
It is a special pot for cooking rice.
※ Capacity 2~5 go

Cooker Set

1,000 yen
This is a set of large pot (φ230×145mm), one-handed pot (φ170×90mm), frying pan (φ225×50mm), mesh basket (φ210×110mm).

Cassette gas twin burner

Uniframe US1900
It is also convenient for cooking in groups.
※ Cassette gas is included.

Cutlery Set (for 4 people)

400 yen
It is a set of forks, spoons, knives and chopsticks.

Plate set (for 4 people)

700 yen
It is a set of platters, bowl plates, and cups.

5.5 Rice cooker

800 yen

Tabletop gas stove

800 yen
※ Cassette gas is included.

Camping Kettle

400 yen


150 yen each

Kitchen Tool Set

500 yen
We offer kitchen knives, cutting boards, ladles, tongs for ingredients, and frying.

Special Goods

Special Goods

Limited to 5 pairs per day "Kazoku de Fire Making" set

1,000 yen
Let's put a lot of effort into setting it on fire with a metal match today.
The flames that you have carefully nurtured should create a more delicious rice and mood than usual.

【Set Contents】
Bonfireplace, metal match, twine string, 1 bundle of firewood

Air Buggy

1,500 yen
A must-see for those who want to camp with their babies!
The safe braking function and deep sun canopy on slopes are perfect for campgrounds.
Family camping will be more fun.

"Trailer House Siesta Baby" comes with it!

Reservation of rental items

Online booking

Please select the desired item from “Reservation of Optional Items” at the time of booking.
If you have already booked your accommodation, you can log in to My Page and add options in “Change booking”.

Sale item

Products of Sale

Example of products sold

This is a product that can be purchased at the guest house.

  • Charcoal and firewood are available to keep them out of stock, but please note that other items may be out of stock.
  • We do not sell cigarettes.
  • charcoal
  • Ignition agent
  • firewood
  • White Gasoline
  • Gas cartridges
  • Cassette gas
Outdoor equipment
  • Work gloves
  • Chakkaman
  • Tableware
  • LED lantern
  • mantle
Cooking-related article
  • Disposable chopsticks
  • Wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • salt
  • Dry cell
  • towel
  • Dish detergent
  • sponge
  • Toothpaste set
  • Laundry detergent
  • Wine Opener
  • Insect repellent
  • Box Tissue
  • Various soft drinks (500ml plastic bottles)
  • ice cream
  • coffee
  • Alcohol (beer, wine, Japan liquor), etc.
  • marshmallow
  • Various sweets
  • PICA original goods
  • sundry goods

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

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