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Advance reservations are required to order these ingredients. (Please make a reservation online at least 4 days in advance)

* Ingredients will be handed over at the Center House from 15:00.

Dutch Oven Ingredients

Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens, typical cookware for outdoor cooking, are characterized by the thickness and sealing of the pan.
By placing charcoal on the lid of the pot, radiant heat is added from the top of the food, and the flavor is condensed.
The ingredients are cut and seasoned according to the recipe, so you can easily enjoy outdoor cooking.
It comes with a Dutch oven, lifter, and gloves.

roast beef

3~4 servings: 5,800 yen

The king of Dutch oven cooking: roast beef.
Everybody loves roast beef.

The key is to brown the outside and take your time baking the inside.
The sweetness of the vegetables enhances the flavor of the meat.

Today's main dish is super indulgent!
Outdoor cooking is fun!

set content

・Beef thigh block 400g
・1 carrot, 1 potato, and 1 onion
・Seasonings, olive oil, garlic

・Dutch oven, lifter, stand, pot bottom rack, leather gloves, skewers, recipe

Roast Chicken

3~4 servings: 3,500 yen

The key to deliciousness is to blend the spices well into the chicken.
Vegetables are put as they are, without cutting.
It's an introduction to Dutch oven cooking and can be enjoyed by everyone.

set content

・1 whole chicken
・1 each of potato, tomato, and onion

・Dutch oven, lifter, stand, pot bottom rack, leather gloves, recipe

Stuffed Chicken

3~4 servings: 3,900 yen

Stuffed chicken is stuffed with rice in the belly of the chicken and baked.
It is a dream ingredient that you can eat juicy meat and delicious rice together!
The key to deliciousness is to blend the spices well into the meat and bake it slowly.
Enjoy a delightful dinner.

set content

・1 whole chicken
・1 each of potato, tomato, and onion
・Frozen pilaf

・Dutch oven, lifter, stand, pot bottom rack, leather gloves, toothpicks, recipe

Mountain Paella

3~4 servings: 3,500 yen

Let's cook it deliciously with mountain ingredients and meat dashi!
The key is to fry the onions slowly and well first.
Add rice, vegetables, and meat to lock in the deliciousness in the Dutch oven.

set content

・3 cups of rice
·chicken meat
・Vegetables (onion, paprika, mushroom, lemon)
・Seasonings (garlic, saffron, salt and pepper, consomme, olive oil)

・Dutch oven, lifter, stand, leather gloves, colander, bowl, wooden spatula, tongs, recipe

Standard BBQ ingredients

Speaking of camping, BBQ after all!
Enjoy delicious meat and plenty of Mr./Ms.'s vegetables!

BBQ Meat & Veggie Set

1 serving: 3,000 yen * Available from 2 servings.

[Set contents]
beef ribs (80 g), pork loin (80 g), chicken thighs (80 g), bone-in flanks (1 stick),
Vegetables (eryngii, onions, paprika)

BBQ Meat Set

1 serving: 2,500 yen * Available from 2 servings.

[Set contents]
Beef ribs (80g), pork loin (80g), chicken thighs (80g)

TAKIBI Ingredients

Limited to 3 pairs per day "Kazoku de Bonfire Rice" set


焚火台、トライポット、飯ごう、着火剤、細薪1束、CAMP RICE(白米2合)

Bonfire Steak

1 portion: 2,000 yen *Orders accepted from 1 portion.

It is no exaggeration to say that campfire steak, grilled over a campfire, is the king of campfire meals.
Special bonfire meal!
After all, people who love bonfires also love bonfire food!

We make a bonfire, eat meat, and then make another bonfire.
For all bonfire lovers, we hope you have a great bonfire time.

<Set contents>
Beef steak (150g), potatoes, garlic, seasonings (salt, pepper)

6 inch skillet

Grilled rice

3-4 servings: 2,500 yen

Cooked rice in a camping pot.
As expected from a camping kettle! Of course, it can be used over an open flame!

The set comes with a UNIFLAME Nature Stove, so you can enjoy cooking over a campfire to your heart's content!

<Set contents>
Rice (3 cups), chicken (150g), carrots, shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, seasonings (soy sauce, sake mirin, noodle soup base, salt)

Camping kama, nature stove, rice scoop, recipe

Reservations for optional ingredients

Online reservations (up to 4 days prior to the date of use)

Please select the desired item from “Reservation of Optional Items” at the time of booking.
If you have already booked your accommodation, you can log in to My Page and add options in “Change booking”.

*Please note that food cancellations will occur from 3 days in advance. Click here for information on cancellation fees
* Ingredients will be handed over at the front desk at check-in.
* Seasonings other than those indicated are not included, so please bring it in or purchase it separately at the shop.

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