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Family only!
is now open in Akeno Forest!

Sleeping in a tent is not camping.
Camping is not about cooking fancy food with cool tools.

Running around the forest.
Let's eat outside together.
Let's make a little bonfire.
Try it as a little goron in the tent.
All of them are outdoor experiences and camping!

Why don't you go to the campsite first?
It feels like time to pass outside!
Let's stay overnight next time! I hope you think so.

Number of sites

2 sites


5 people (minimum 2 people)

  • Limited to family use.
  • It cannot be used by friends.
Location and size

In the forest free site forest
This is a family-friendly area where a large tent can be set up.

Parking Lot

Private parking is available outside the venue. (for 1 car)

  • Elementary school students and younger: Free of charge
  • If you are 4 years of age or older, it will be counted towards the capacity. (Children under 3 years old do not count toward capacity)
  • Membership discounts are not available.

1 person charge

1,000 yen

Utilization time


  • You cannot stay overnight.
  • 12月~3月はクローズします。

We will lend you one rental item free of charge.
Please choose the rental item according to what you want to experience.


I want to goron in a tent!

I want to try a bonfire!

I want to eat outside!

Tent freeWe will lend it out!

Bonfire stand freeWe will lend it out!

BBQ grill free of courseWe will lend it out!

  • Please also book rental items.
    The rental fee will be reflected at the time of reservation, but we will discount it at the front desk on the day of use.

PICA point member system

Every time you use it, you can earn points and get accommodation discounts
You can make priority reservations!

PICA Yatsugatake Akeno